Time, Location & Financial Freedom In A Digital World

It is not the strongest of the species that survives. nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change - Charles Darwin

We are living at an incredible time in our history. We are at the very start of the biggest revolution our species has ever seen - the digital revolution. It makes the incredible progress made in the agricultural and industrial revolutions seem slow and almost forgettable. This presents us all with incredible opportunities the like of which we have never seen.

To capitalise on this we need to re-skill and adapt to a world that has literally been turned on its head by advances in technology like the Internet. To do this we need turn away from the mindsets, education and systems created for a world that has since moved on.

In this day and age many people are looking for ways to improve their financial situation and life/work balance. Others are chasing a dream or simply want to be their own boss and in charge of their own destiny. Somewhere in the region of 50 million people per month type "making money online" or similar into Google. If this sounds like you then lets get started!

You may have already tried to generate an online income and been disappointed. It is a massive Industry and like any business you need to learn the ropes to stand out from the crowd. If the "get rich quick" stuff really worked we would all be doing it and we would all be rich.  Like these schemes themselves, that is an unsustainable model. You need to get the knowledge. You need to get the tools.

Getting The Right Tools For The Job

The other components you will require are your own commitment and dedication. You will need to sacrifice time and a little money but the potential rewards can pay you back many times over. Just take a moment to picture yourself as a financially free self-employed digital entrepreneur: Working from anywhere you can plug into the internet and for far less time than a job or traditional business requires.

Making money online

Hard at work in the south of France !

 Most successful online entrepreneurs value the freedom the lifestyle offers as much as the financial rewards – although not having to worry about how to pay the bills is in itself a big slice of freedom!  It’s truly life changing and entirely possible when you know how to make money online.

Its difficult for anyone in the old economy to predict their immediate or long term future. For many it’s a pay check to pay check existence. It's estimated that in the US most people if their income disappeared through redundancy or illness would only have enough put by to last 2- 4 weeks. Financial independence certainly opens up the horizons. It brings confidence and a whole new outlook on life. If you are tired of uncertainty it could well be time for you make a paradigm shift.

Don't Always Get What You Always Got......

As the old adage goes – “If you always do what you always did you’ll always get what you always got”. It’s also true that pretty much every business in this world started with a dream so what’s yours? Change what you’ve always done and make your dream a reality. You won’t be the first.

So whether you are an online newbie or you’ve been disappointed with your online endeavours so far, why not change tack and let us help you with a proven strategy that will work. Why continue to waste your energies on a bad plan when you can leverage years of learning from ultra successful online marketers?

A potentially very big income is achievable with this plan and it is risk free as it doesn’t require you to give up the day job until you can. You start with a simple and stress free process and are helped every step of the way. You don’t have to learn everything on your own or rely completely on your own resources.

An online business is like any offline business in the respect that it needs the same key ingredients to get off the ground: Money, Product and Customers. If you don’t have these its going to be impossible – but lets keep the first to a minimum to start with.

With The Six Figure Mentors you will start to grow your online business from the ground up alongside any work or other commitments you have.  You follow the plan in bite-sized chunks and pretty soon you will be transitioning yourself to be a full time online business entrepreneur. At this point you will not be looking back.

The product for any business is extremely important and the products you will have at your disposal with SFM are truly world class. At this point in the evolution of the Internet it has never been easier to -make money online – if you know what you are doing. Your one requirement is to help others who, like you and millions of others, are searching for financial freedom.

The beauty of this unmatched online marketing plan is that you can earn as you learn. So you are getting both unrivalled, university standard training and the ability to quickly have the opportunity to earn $1000 - $8000 for every sale you make. And that’s just the start.


You will learn the skills, methods and strategies that the top 5% of online entrepreneurs took many years to learn. We will show you how to find customers on a global scale and how to convert them into loyal repeat consumers of your products.

This powerful plan puts the power to change your life in your hands!

 In depth, bleeding edge digital marketing training teaches you to find leads and to convert them into sales with a suite of automated tools and your own authority website. The approach offers both flexibility and freedom and does not tie you into a contract of any kind.

With the Six Figure Mentors you have the success roadmap to financial and lifestyle freedom. The support and training is ongoing and the resources you will be provided with are truly incredible. The aim is always your success.


Its your future – let us take you there!