Below are the companies I am proud to be affiliated with. If you join any of these businesses with me you have my personal guarantee that I will help and support you on an ongoing basis.

Through several years of online marketing and networking with successful online business people these are the businesses I have chosen to partner with. I do not do “Get rich quick” schemes or easy money, push-button wealth programs. I have done in the past and have lost money in all of them.

Creating a high income internet business is entirely possible but requires work and persistence. All of the businesses I am affiliated with will give you the ability to build an above average income but more than that, will allow you to live the lifestyle you deserve. I’m talking about a lifestyle, which gives you financial independence and equally importantly – control over your own time.

The Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy

I consider this business to be the Rolls Royce or Apple Macintosh of internet businesses. This business not only allows me to make high-ticket commissions, it helps me market any other business I am involved in. If you are new to Internet business or have some experience but need to scale your success to greater heights this is the one for you.

Founded by two of the most dynamic self made millionaires you could hope to meet Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek – and if you are in SFM/DEA you will meet them – This business gives you the training, tools, resources and mentoring you need to become one of the top 5% of earners in the world.

While you are working through the modular training series you will have the option to earn big ticket commissions as you learn. You will have support from me and from the wider SFM community. The training is backed up by regular webinars and live events so you are never alone with this incredible online business.

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Satori Prime 

Not long ago Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg stated that he wanted facebook to become “The Passport To The Internet”. With over a billion users so far he’s kind of done it. Internet marketers now also see is as the most effective, cost effective and simplest place to advertise their wares. Satori Prime are leading Facebook marketing experts who not only market their own and partner companies like SFM’s products, but are sought after consultants in the field. They run a number of courses and workshops on Facebook marketing for beginners and advanced marketers alike. Wheteher you are new to facebook and want to learn how to quickly make some money on Facebook or are looking for more advanced training, they are the go to guys. Visit them on the link below.


This is a simple central heating additive that can save you up to 20% on Your heating bills. It does this by changing the way water in the system heats. The water heats faster and stays faster longer. That means the boiler fires less often and therefore burns less fuel to maintain your chosen temperature. It’s inexpensive, easy to apply and stays active for over 2 years before you need to top up again. The product has been extensively tested  by both domestic and business customers. For more information click on the banner below to visit the website.



Creative Guitar Lounge

A labour of love for me. A site about playing guitar. There are links to some great online sources for buying guitars and accessories as well as superb online guitar lesson providers. You can even subscribe to my newsletter and get a series of 10 quick videos that each teach a riff or trick. Visit the site by clicking the banner below.

creative guitar lounge



Awebber is a resource used by many online marketers and provides editable and supremely creative email auto responder and list building tools. These integrate with your marketing banners and squeeze pages to automate a great deal of your marketing efforts.

In Aweber you can also create custom forms and professional email templates. It’s an essential bolt on to any online business and also offers an affiliate program with a great suite of banners and links that can be used to create another income stream for your SFM, IML, BB or other businesses.

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SEO Pressor

SEP Pressor is a WordPress plug-in that helps you to maximise the search engine optimisation on your wordpress blogs and websites. IT gives you a checklist to follow and prompts you on what you need to add or subtract from your posts in order to give them the maximimum SEO “oomph”. Like Aweber this program has an affiliate offering that can give you a further income stream.

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Click bank is a sort of middleman between you and host of products you can sell via your website or blogs or via advertising. You open an account then can browse the clickbank marketplace for products suited your niche. You can then use the marketing resources supplied for the products to link them to banners or text links on your website or blogs. Joining clickbank is free and they provide a raft of analytical tools and information on each product and it’s supplier.


Everyone knows about Amazon as a place to buy products online but it also offers a free affiliate program similar to clickbank. It’s another revenue stream you can set on autopilot by linking to products using the provided codes for each product. If you don’t already have an Amazon account simply open one and become an affiliate for free. – this is an amazing resource site for expats present and future. If you are looking to build a life in another country with the freedom your Laptop Lifestyle affords you this site is a must.

Evan Carmichael authors site.

Not so much a business opportunity but a superb free resource for marketers who write regularly on all aspects of internet or offline business. By submitting articles to Evan Carmichael – entrepreneurs can generate traffic and links to their site, posts, videos and businesses.

I will add to the affiliates links from time to time and am happy to help with any queries you may have on any of the above. Please feel free to contact me (full details on my contact page) or connect with me in the usual ways below.