Guitars and pop/rock music has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. I came into the world in 1964 so I’d have been absorbing some of the best music ever made as I grew up. Eventually my folks yielded to my pleading and bought me a guitar.

They did however insist that I took classical and folk guitar lessons as part of the deal. I endured a year or so of that before finding friends, books and musicians who could teach me the kind of playing I wanted to do.

I didn’t actually start playing in bands until my late 20’s. I come from a very small village on the outskirts of Glasgow and literally none of my local friends played or were interested in guitars. I really didn’t meet my musical tribe until I left school. 

I formed my first band N.E.T – a grungy kind of affair – with a mate called Dempsey I met while selling paintings door to door. I had just moved back from the Isle of Mull where I’d worked on a fish farm to have a real go at being a professional musician. The paintings thing was the first job I could find. I had lived in a caravan then a small cottage with not much more than a drum machine, a 4-track tape recorder and my guitar and amp. I had a handful of songs and Dempsey and I wrote some more.

Around that time I was living in a farm house in Ayrshire my girlfriend had bought which had a large barn attached to it. I converted than into a rehearsal and recording space and we started producing our own tapes and CD’s to sell at gigs. The band lasted for a few years before we called it a day. 

I was not ready to give up however so I auditioned for various bands before joining a band called Moondew. They had a female singer and bassist/backing singer. We played some gigs in London, recorded a few songs and had some fun. The singer – still our best friend – had a young child at this point and her heart wasn’t really in the music anymore so Moondew came to a natural end.

Myself and the bass player Mo (who I had fallen in love with the minute I saw her) formed our own band soon after and we played together for about 20 years. Luckily she had also fallen for me and we have lived together happily ever after.

Our band Glass played all over the UK, in Denmark, Italy and Cyprus. We came close to getting a record deal with Creation records. We played support tours with All About Eve and opened for the headline act at the Whitby Gothic weekend in 2008.

Mo and I stopped playing live some years back but have continued writing and recording in our new home on the beautiful west coast of Scotland.

We decided in 2019 to re-record some of our old material and to work on some new songs. Technology has moved so fast in recent years that we can now get more done on a Macbook than we

could not long ago with a room full of kit. It sounds better too.

As I already earn my crust as a digital marketer and mainly use video to promote products online, it made sense to also do some videos for our songs.

We also though we might as well see  if we could earn some money from them on the digital music platforms than now exist.

You can hear more on the following platforms: