Affiliate Business Opportunities Explained

Affiliate Business Opportunities Explained

affiliate business opportunities

Affiliate business opportunities are probably the single best and easiest way to make money online. In their free video seriesStuart Ross and Jay Kubbbssek explain why and outline theirs in great detail. I wrote an “in a nutshell” outline of the affiliate business model for my subscribers this morning. Here it is from the point of view of someone who runs affiliate businesses with SFM/DEA and as an independent affiliate marketer.


Here then is a short snapshot about what you can do with affiliate business opportunities using the knowledge, training and resources you get with an SFM membership. The aim of the platform is to enable you to make money online – in any field you choose.

There are Affiliate Business Opportunities For EVERYTHING


Joining SFM as an affiliate is one option – a very good one as you get an ultra professional, highly sought after suite of products to promote. Here’s an example of another option open to anyone who takes the time to learn this digital marketing stuff. I’ll refer you to another of the businesses I’ve created using the tools, resources and training that SFM gave me. Check it out – It’s my Creative Guitar website – no sales pitch – just for your reference. I’ll explain how I set it up and briefly how affiliate marketing works.


Here’s the site –


So. I”ve been playing guitar for many years. It’s basically all I ever wanted to do from an early age. I could tell you all about that for ages – it’s my passion but that’s not the point – maybe another time. The point is that for me this was an obvious choice as I have passion, experience and knowledge in this area. Monetizing this with related affiliate business opportunities was easy when I learned how.


Using the Digital Business Lounge that comes with my SFM membership I was able to create that website in literally one hour. I’m a photographer too so I used some of my own images for the banner and some of the other images. I could just as easily have got them elsewhere.


I decided on what the different pages would be and wrote some content for them. I then looked through the information in my SFM back office on how to find companies and products to promote as an affiliate.


I found a few that I liked and joined their affiliate programs. That just means that they give me an affiliate I.D. – a short piece of code that tracks any sales back to me so that I’m paid commission on them. That’s the basis of affiliate business opportunities really.

 How You Get Paid

affiliate business opportunitiesAll of the adverts and banners you see on the website are provided for me by those companies. When someone clicks on those banners or ads they are taken to those companies websites and sales pages. If they buy anything then I get commission.


With most affiliate business opportunities commission is paid on any sales made up to 30 or 60 days after that first visit. So if someone clicks through but doesn’t buy right away, the click is still logged. If they come back and buy something later – for a birthday present say within the 30 or 60 days I still get paid.


All I have to do is use my SFM training to drive traffic to that website so that people interested in guitar playing see those ads. I also write regular blogs, tell visitors about any special promotions the companies send me info on, and hopefully make it a good place for people to visit in general.


That’s not the end of the story though. Subscribers to the SFM video series a free download on List building (get yours by subscribing for the videos) That explains this next bit:


I’ve set up a subscription form on the website which links to my Aweber account ( coincidentally Aweber another of the affiliate business opportunities I promote) This is same system that will automatically send you the SFM videos as soon as you click on my ad or blog, or video and enter an email to receive them.

affiliate business opportunitiesBest Affiliate Business Opportunities – SFM

In the case of the guitar site you get a series of video tutorials from me on how to play a variety of classic guitar riffs. These are videos I’ve recorded and uploaded to Youtube. I learned how to do that from a series of tutorials that are part of my SFM membership.


The value with this is that I can keep in touch as I’m doing with you. I can send my subscribers updates, special offers, promotions and information about the video guitar lessons products that I am planning to create. Affiliate business opportunities are a great way to start – selling your own products is the longer term goal.


I couldn’t have done this 6 months months ago. I was familiar with affiliate business opportunities but I wouldn’t have known how to any of the rest of it and the tools and resources would have taken me ages to find and learn on my own – they would also have cost a fortune!


I can do this for any product or service I like the look of – there are affiliate business opportunities out for there for anything you can think of. I have a similar site and set up for an energy saving product that I am an affiliate for.


I can do this from anywhere I can connect my laptop to the internet. This in a nutshell is what it’s all about. Once you know how to set everything up all you need to do is learn the skills to drive traffic to your websites.


And guess what – SFM teaches you everything you could ever need to know about how to do that!


You get all this as a standard, full SFM member.


Hopefully this has given you an insight into just how exciting an industry this can be when you understand how it actually works. You can probably also see why literally millions of people want to know how to do this. That’s why SFM is to my mind, the best of the affiliate business opportunities on the market today. No one else is teaching this stuff in such a holistic, joined up way. You get “the knowledge” – like London taxi drivers do: In their case it enables them to trade as approved taxi drivers – in our case “The knowledge” enables us to make money from anything we want to and to do it when and where we like.


Unlike the taxi driver though – with SFM you also get the taxi ! – The business systems that monetize everything you do with your new marketing skills. Learn more about leveraging affiliate business opportunities from the best by grabbing the free videos I mentioned earlier. Just click the button below.