Affiliate Marketing Companies in 2015

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Affiliate Marketing Companies With a Bigger Vision  

affiliate marketing companiesAffiliate marketing companies normally launch new and exciting products  with one aim: To sign as many affiliates as possible and therefore to make as much money as possible. One of the few affiliate marketing companies who does things very differently though is SFM/DEA. Last night’s SFM August Founders call (part 2) was yet another reminder of how unique their vision really is and how much more than just an affiliate marketing company they are.

SFM released the Digital Business Lounge earlier this year as a free resource for members and a stand-alone product for them to promote. Since then it’s component parts have been tweaked and improved to the point where it is now about to be released as a retail product. This is where things get different.

Rather than creating a whole new affiliate program around the product – and several more products soon to released – Stuart and Jay are keeping it in-house. Only members and affiliates of the company will be able to promote it. For products like these – invaluable to newbie’s and experienced IM people alike – this exclusivity is a massive benefit. Not many affiliate marketing companies would see past their own greed with an approach like that. Last night Jay quoted Warren buffet – “Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful”.

Affiliate Marketing Companies Don’t Usually Do This..

To explain what this will mean for members of the SFM and DEA “tribe” here’s an example. When Aweber, which is now one of the most popular email management systems in the world first came out it was launched as an affiliate program. Stuart Ross was starting to build hos empire at that point and was an early adopter of Aweber for his own use and quickly became an Aweber super affiliate.

That allowed him to generate a residual income of $1500 per week fairly quickly from this program alone. That’s a great result for an open to the entire world affiliate product but imagine if there had been vastly less competition…if it had been an exclusive program.

Many of the tools included in DBL have the potential to be the 2015 equal to Aweber in terms of their use in digital marketing. Each will have a dedicated sales funnel and will provide yet another in road to the bigger picture – the SFM and DEA “University” of modern life.

On the subject of that bigger picture – It’s a picture that is hard to find a frame big enough for! The basis of it is that its all about the membership. There is a degree of exclusivity that is set to increase. By that I just mean that the aim is that everyone from top to bottom of the organisation is aligned to the core values of the founders and to each other.

On last nights call – from Jays house in New Jersey both he an Stuart were side by side and were joined at times by Jay’s dogs and his young daughter. It’s that family feel that is so unique here. That’s what makes SFM/DEA people so loyal. that and the ever increasing potential (at no extra cost) to build success and to open peoples eyes to the potential in front of them. Find out more about what makes them different to other affiliate marketing companies by clicking the link below.

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Affiliate Marketing Companies in 2015 

By Dave Menzies

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