Affiliate Marketing In a Nutshell

 Affiliate Marketing Explained Simply 

affiliate marketingAffiliate marketing is covered in an ebook I’m putting together at the moment which is a sort of beginners guide to digital marketing.

I wanted to do a series of broadcasts for my subscribers as a sort of summarised version of the book which will be my first personal product. This is day one in which I explain affiliate marketing in a nutshell.

Affiliate marketing is how most people get started making money online. Stuart Ross and jay Kubassek discovered this over 10 years ago and both made their first millions using affiliate marketing. SFM and DEA is a training platform and high commission affiliate marketing program.

So here’s what it is and how it works – You’ll be surprised how simple it is.

Affiliate marketing is simply selling other people’s products online rather than your own. You earn commission on any sales you make. Simple. The obvious advantage is that the products are ready made and all the marketing materials are provided for you.

The Nuts and Bolts:

1. You join an affiliate program. There are literally thousands of affiliate programs out there covering pretty much every niche you can think of.

2. You set up an account with all your details including how you want to be paid.

3. Your are issued a unique link. This is a small piece of code that allows the program to track where sales are coming from. The code is embedded in all the marketing materials – banners, email copy, landing pages and other advertising materials.

This means that any sales you generate can be credited to you. Most programs offer 30 or even 90 day cookies so that even if someone visits through your link but doesn’t buy right away you will still get a commission if they do buy in that timescale. With the best programs their is a quality sales funnel which can lead to additional commissions further down the line from that initial sale although with the majority you won’t benefit from that funnel.

4. You start marketing – most affiliate programs will provide training, tips and support on how to do this. Often though the training leaves a lot to be desired.That’s basically it.

You can join an affiliate program directly as with SFM and DEA or via one of many affiliate networks. An affiliate network is like a big umbrella company that deals with and organises lots of individual affiliate programs – their products and services.

A couple of examples are Amazon, Itunes and Commission junction.

With affiliate marketing you can promote goods, services, training, ebooks and a host of other things. Commissions range from a few dollars to high ticket products paying high commissions. SFM commissions for example range from $20 – $8000 per sale.

Obviously if you are promoting low value/low commission products, you will need to generate lots of sales. If you are promoting high value/high commission (Big ticket) products then you need fewer sales.

With all this in mind here’s why SFM and DEA are such a good place to start with affiliate marketing.

1. As a member you are provided with some of the best, most sought after products in the industry – backed up by marketing materials that cost millions to produce. Millions of people want to learn how to do this – either to start an online business or to increase sales for an existing business. So it’s a very very good niche to be in.

2. Your are provided with ongoing training from some of the most successful people in the industry.

3. SFM do the selling for you.Since membership is by application everyone who applies has to speak to a professional business consultant first.  They are not hard sales people – they simply answer questions and explain how the business works.

4. They are all about integrity.

5. For people who really want to go for this and make serious money there is a step by step progression taking them form newbies to professionally branded, ultra professional business partners of the company.

They can form business partnerships with some of the most successful people in the internet world. They can start to create their own products and establish themselves as big name internet experts complete with professional branding and multiple income streams.

So that’s a brief overview of affiliate marketing and how SFM and DEA fit in to the picture.

Yes – you can do this on your own. You can sign up as an Amazon or Clickbank affiliate free and start looking for products to promote. Without good marketing skills,  and training however most people fail to make much money.

SFM/DEA offers the best of all worlds here. They provide university level training (One of our hangout team recently completed a marketing degree and says he wishes he’s found SFM sooner as they provide much better – real world, income producing training – than a top London Uni) Coupled with a high commission affiliate program.

I hope you found this useful and informative and that you’ll now be able to see why SFM and DEA provides such a no-brainer place to start an internet business with affiliate marketing.

Feel free to contact me to arrange a conversation or submit your risk free application and talk directly to a business consultant.

Affiliate Marketing In a Nutshell

By Dave Menzies


Thanks for watching and reading. I look forward to sharing more and welcome any comments you may have.

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