Best Affiliate Marketing Business

best affiliate marketing business

How To Identify The Best Affiliate Marketing Business

best affiliate marketing business

In online marketing, particularly affiliate marketing where you are earning commission on selling someone else’s products it’s really important to understand sales funnels. This is what defines the best affiliate marketing business. The people involved with SFM and DEA explain this very clearly. I’ll attempt to do the same here and also to explain what makes SFM and DEA such a good proposition as an affiliate partnership.

I also get training from an SFM and DEA partner company called Satori Prime. They are expert digital marketers who built a 6 figure business with some of the best affiliate marketing programs they could find before launching their own products – some of which I have bought myself. Their insights into sales funnels and analysing data are incredibly valuable and have really opened my eyes.

The Best Affiliate marketing Business – Numbers to Look For 

best affiliate businessFirst of all any form of sales comes down to how much profit you can make against the cost of the sale. In online affiliate marketing your costs are basically what it costs you to join a program and what it costs you to generate a sale. SFM have developed this into something pretty unique which makes theirs one of the very best affiliate marketing business (es) around – if not the best. I’ll get into that shortly but for now just understand the basic Return on investment principle.

As I said, if your cost is purely in generating leads and converting them to sales via paid advertising you need to start looking at that as an investment and not as a cost. That seems crazy but if you track the results of that advertising ie. The data it’s providing and put it to good use, with a good sales funnel like SFM’s it makes sense.

With even the best affiliate marketing business funnel there is an initial low value front-end sale. Often that won’t come close to recouping the cost of that sale. In a good sales funnel though there will be higher value sales further down the line. If the marketing and products are good, then the conversion rate from initial sale to higher value sale should be high. That’s what you need to look at when judging the return on your investment in any online business. It’s definitely the way to gauge the best affiliate marketing business.

Why SFM and DEA Are The Best Affiliate Marketing Business To Go With

With SFM there is a 5 tier sales structure so that there is a possibility of an initial $20 sale turning into a $10,000 sale further down the line. So given that the conversion rate with SFM from application to upgrade is pretty high an SFM affiliate can afford to spend quite a lot on generating the initial sale.

Wheeler Dealers – Stay with me on this one ….

It can be quite hard to get into that mindset but really it’s no different from any other business. Here’s a comparison: I love watching Wheeler Dealers on TV. Those guys – a salesman and a mechanic – buy classic cars that need work at the best price they can. They do them up as cost effectively as possible and resell them – hopefully for a profit. With me so far?…

Now at the point of buying the car they can only estimate based on experience what it’s going to cost to restore it. They know what they can expect to sell the restored car for and if the numbers stack up they go for it.

Often when they get it back to the workshop it needs more work than they thought. Usually though, they make some profit but they learn more about the common problems and associated costs with particular cars along the way. That means if they restore another car of the same type in future they can do it cheaper and make more profit.

With online marketing the equivalent of buying the old car would be the cost of an advertising campaign. Experienced marketers’ like our Wheeler Dealers do some research before investing that money: If they don’t see a market for a product they don’t run a campaign.

A Return On Investment Comparison 

With online marketing, understanding the sales funnel and analysing the data that comes back from an advertising campaign means that better decisions can be made. If it’s costing $100 to generate a $20 sale but the numbers show that that over time that’s likely to turn into a sale of between $200 and $10,000 it’s a no brainer. That in itself makes SFM and DEA  the very best affiliate marketing business in the world (IMHO) – never mind the many other things that make them stand out from the pack.

The difference is that in online marketing you can do much more with the data than our car guys can with theirs. You can test a multitude of factors in an advertising campaign. You can see what works and what doesn’t and invest more money into only what works.

This is the stuff that separates successful online marketers from unsuccessful ones. It’s not sexy – but then neither is sanding down paint on an old car. The difference is that if you pay attention to the numbers in online marketing, use the data properly and work with the right products and partners, you can be the one buying the restored classic cars.

The Cost of Sales

I should also point out that Wheelers Dealers have added another income stream to what they do by turning it into a TV show. That’s actually a pretty good example of an offline sales funnel and it means that they can afford to get it wrong a time or two.

The best affiliate marketing business programs need to be worth the cost of getting sales from them. That’s just common sense and I hope this post has given you some clues. I genuinely Think SFM and DEA offer THE best affiliate marketing business money can buy but don’t take my word for it. The banner below will give the chance to register for a free webcast with SFM and DEA’s Stuart Ross.

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By Dave Menzies
best affiliate marketing business

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