Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners Checklist

Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners – 5 Things To Look for

best affiliate programs for beginners

What are the best affiliate programs for beginners? If you’ve just discovered the affiliate marketing business model that’s probably what you are asking. I hope this will be of help to you. Your research so far will doubtless have led to more questions than answers, as the sheer breadth of possibilities can be overwhelming. Where do you start?

Affiliate marketing is such a great model because of its basic simplicity: You sell things on the Internet for a commission. But the fact that you can sell pretty much anything online can lead to option paralysis. Before you even start on the products and services to sell though you need to know how it’s done.

The best affiliate programs for beginners need to provide you with training on the many ways you can sell online – not just provide you with the products. Those are thin on the ground but I’ll point you to what I believe is one of the absolute best affiliate programmes for beginners on the market today. First though lets look at affiliate programmes and products in general.

Where To Find The Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners

best affiliate programs for beginners

Basically when a business that owns products decides to offer an affiliate program they can do it in a couple of ways. They can do it through an affiliate network or directly. As an affiliate you can find products the same way. Either by joining one of the many affiliate networks or by using a search engine (which is probably how you came to read this article)

However you get there, the tools and skills you’ll need to start making money are the same. You’ll need websites, social media and advertising accounts, marketing materials and internet marketing skills. Whilst most affiliate programs will provide some of this, few provide it all. Many are geared towards experienced marketers who have a lot of this in place rather than newbies.

As I mentioned you can sell pretty much anything online these days. You can sell lots of low cost, low margin things or you can sell fewer high-ticket, high profit things. Personally I recommend the latter. The mechanics are the same but the approach is very different.

The Five Point Checklist

The thing to bear in mind is that at some point you will need to do paid advertising to promote your affiliate products. When you stand to make thousands from a sale rather than pennies, high- ticket affiliate products offer a huge advantage. You can afford to play on the best ad platforms and can afford to outbid a lot of the competition.

The best affiliate programs particularly at the high-ticket end, offer much more than just a one off commission on a sale. They will have a sales funnel in place that leads to increasingly bigger sales and commissions. They will have built in recurring commissions that happen automatically.

As you can imagine this is sophisticated stuff. The best affiliate programs for beginners need a very user-friendly front end. It needs to be as simple as possible to set up everything up and there needs to be a seriously good support system in place. The training provided needs to be top notch, on the money and ultra up to date – the internet is a fast moving place after all.

So if you are looking for the best affiliate programs for beginners here is a checklist for you.

  • Does it offer high-level training on internet marketing from beginner to advanced level?
  • Are the products or services ones you would buy and use yourself?
  • Is there an up-sell after the initial sale? If so are you paid on the up-sell?
  • Is there a time limit on up-sell commissions?
  • Is there a fast and efficient support mechanism?


If you find an affiliate program that answers yes to all of the above then it’s a good one. If you’d like to look at one right now and actually take a free 30 day trial then click on the link below.


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