Get The Modern Midas Touch

get the modern midas touch

Get the modern midas touchThe Midas touch in Greek mythology refers to King Midas who turned anything he touched into gold. Not as it turned out as great a talent as it seemed. But we can actually  come close to it in the digital economy without the drawbacks. Here’s how the online business model affiliate marketing can give you the modern Midas touch.

With this extremely well established business model, you earn commission from selling other people’s goods and services. It’s like commission-only sales but without the soul destroying door knocking. That’s replaced by online marketing, which can be largely automated.

The Modern Midas Touch – An Example

I make the Midas touch comparison simply because as an affiliate marketer you really can sell pretty much anything you can you touch – and many things you can’t. I got thinking about this yesterday while working with some new music software. Here’s how it would work in that situation.

  1. I can sell the software itself either through Amazon as an affiliate or directly via the manufacturer if they have an affiliate program.
  2.  Selling the end results – the music and accompanying videos via our websit
  3.  Sell the Laptop, the audio input module I use, the recording software, video software (see A.) Hell, I could even sell the guitars; microphones and keyboards we used.
  4. By creating tutorials, blogs, videos and social media content about all of this, which underpin and grow the whole process.

How To Be A Modern Midas

That’s just one example of how almost everything you use – or like – can turn into profit with the same set of core skills. Pretty amazing don’t you think? Learn more about how this “magical” process works by clicking here or on any of the images in this post. There you can subscribe for a series of free videos by a couple of guys who have the modern Midas touch and have built a global business community around it.

The real message in the legend of King Midas is that he eventually hated the gift he had prayed for. In effect he was left with nothing but gold and was in danger of starving – you can’t eat gold after all. The modern equivalent is the person who spends all their time acquiring money but has no time left to spend it.

The modern Midas touch on the other hand concentrates on creating value first and receives the gold in return. Again you can learn how to do this with the video series I mentioned.


get the modern midas touch