High Ticket Affiliate Products – The Way To Go!

high ticket affiliate products

Why High Ticket Affiliate Products Are The Way To Go

high ticket affiliate productsHigh ticket affiliate products are the way to go for an online business for many reasons. The most obvious being the money side of things –I’ll give you an example of that in a moment but first lets just define what high ticket affiliate products actually are and who buys them.

High ticket affiliate products are as the name suggests, high value, high quality goods and services. The people buying them are only interested in buying the best and most expensive products available in that market place. Individuals interested in digital skills education and personal development for example, are also willing to pay more for significantly faster and bigger results.

This means that as an online seller of quality high ticket affiliate products you can earn very high commissions. It follows that you need far fewer sales to make your income than say someone selling cheap products on Amazon.

Here’s an example from my own SFM (Six Figure Mentors) and DEA (Digital Experts Academy) affiliate business: I am an Elite member of SFM and gold partner with DEA. This qualifies me for 40% commission on any sales I make. SFM is a membership platform so I also make small residual commissions every month.

High Ticket Products – Less Work More Profit

In August I made two DEA Gold Sales. The individuals who bought these products are the type of people described in paragraph 2. In order to position themselves at DEA Gold they also bought and SFM Elite product and a DEA Silver product.

If you are interested in what these products are I’ll give you a link at the bottom the post where you can sign up for the same free introductory videos that got them started.

But back to the numbers: These two sales (6 individual products in total) earned me $8800. I also earned a further $400 in residual commissions. Not bad for a month’s work which I have to say has been mainly done from my garden.

That should give you an idea of why I say that selling high ticket affiliate products online is where it’s at. I had a similar month in June. Since I am paid in US dollars lets look at the average US monthly salary. In 2015 so far that’s $3400 per month before tax – based on a 40 hr working week.

Selling High ticket affiliate products online – selling anything online in fact – does incur costs. These are mainly incurred through paid advertising, business systems, websites etc. So you might be asking what the cost of the saes I’ve described was to me. You’ll be surprised at the answer – nothing…..

The Best High Ticket Products To Use And Promote

high ticket affiliate products

Stuart Ross – Multi millionaire co-founder of SFM and DEA explaining the high ticket model.

You see I’m also a customer of SFM and DEA, which is how the affiliate business model works. As such I use their products – training, mentorship and rinse/repeat digital business systems – to run my online businesses.

Using all that I have concentrated largely on free marketing strategies: Blogging, creating videos and list building. That is where my sales mainly come from.

SFM and DEA’s business development team does the actual sales for me. All I do is the initial introduction. Of course I use the digital marketing strategies they teach to bring the right type of visitors to my videos, blogs and lists.

An other advantage of selling high ticket affiliate products – particularly the SFM and DEA’s products is that the high commissions also provide advertising budgets. Any smart businessperson re-invests some of their profits to scale their business.

Yet another advantage of the SFM and DEA’s approach to affiliate marketing is that it provides you with the tools and training to sell anything online – not just their products.

If you can see the logic of selling high ticket affiliate products and would like to see the sort of lifestyle business it makes possible click on the image below. This will give you the chance to receive the SFM and DEA’s free introductory video series. I guarantee it will be an eye opener.

high ticket affiliate products

By Dave Menzies