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Internet Affiliate Marketing – A Simple Proposition

Internet affiliate marketingInternet affiliate marketing is simply the selling of other peoples products and services on the internet. As a place to start an online business it is second to none. More or less every big name online marketer started with internet affiliate marketing. Some go on to create their own products and services (thereby keeping all the profits). Other are happy to stick with affiliate products. They add more to their portfolio and scale them up.

Others still go on to create their own affiliate programmes. That basically provides them with a potentially vast, worldwide, commission only sales force. Lets look at the advantages and possibilities offered by internet affiliate marketing.

Internet affiliate marketing is a simple process to grasp. The owner of the goods and services in question simply provides their affiliates with a unique link that tracks any online sales back to the affiliate. They then provide the affiliate with all the necessary marketing materials – websites, landing pages, banners, email copy etc to sell the products online.

 Affiliate Marketing – The Obvious Advantages

To the affiliate the advantages are obvious: They don’t need to create the products or services or marketing materials themselves. That can all be very costly involving as it does complicated systems programming, expensive graphics, copywriting skills and all the financial/banking/payment systems. They also take care of delivering the products, customer service and support.

The products can be either real, physical products or digital products such as training, information or other digitally delivered goods. Another advantage of internet affiliate marketing is the sheer volume and scope of products available.

All the affiliate has to do is to drive internet traffic to the product owners websites and marketing materials. With High ticket affiliate products and services the owners will also provide very good training on how to do that – it’s in their interests to do so.

You can find products to promote and earn internet affiliate marketing commissions from easily. Some product owners offer them directly, others use affiliate networks like Clickbank, Commission Junction or JV Zoo. Just type any product or service into Google with the words “affiliate program” after it and you’ll be overwhelmed by the results.

I did say all an affiliate marketer has to do is to drive traffic. That is true but that can be easier said than done. Remember it’s no skin off the product owner’s nose if you make no sales at all. They aren’t paying you a wage after all. They may have hundreds or even thousands of affiliates out there who are making sales. They’ve done all the hard work already in creating the products, marketing materials, systems and programme.

Internet Affiliate Marketing – The Easiest Way To Start An Online Empire

internet affiliate marketingYou can probably see that the owner of the products, services and affiliate programme is going to be reaping the biggest rewards here (if they have good products and can attract enough affiliates) But Internet affiliate marketing as the affiliate can be extremely profitable too. It’s also much easier to get started as the affiliate.

My advice for anyone looking at the internet affiliate marketing business would be to take a close look at SFM and DEA. Here’s why.

They sell digital marketing skills training. Unlike some affiliate programes, to promote theirs, you need to be a customer. That might seem like a bit of a con at first glance since there are so many products out there that are free to promote. But  – and it’s a big but…..

To be successful in internet affiliate marketing or any type internet marketing you seriously need the type of training and education SFM and DEA provide. You also need to use a number of systems to largely automate the process.

You’ll need to understand the various methods of advertising: Paid, free, social media, retargeting, syndication and more. You’ll need to be able to create landing pages, websites, blogs and graphics. Perhaps even more importantly you need superb products and sales funnels that pay you commissions on initial sales AND on future back end sales.

How To Start Your Affiliate Marketing Business

The SFM and partner organisation Digital Experts Academy (DEA) offer turnkey services that include all of the above. They provide digital marketing systems, tools and resources that are simple to set up and use. These enable anyone at any level of experience to set up everything needed for an internet affiliate marketing business. They also provide an advanced training and education platform covering all areas of modern digital marketing.

In addition both SFM and DEA offer affiliate partnerships at various levels. This is ideal for those looking for an internet affiliate marketing business they can start immediately. These offer high value, high commission products. Affiliates earn commissions throughout the entire product line and sales funnel. In short customers are yours. Should a customer upgrade at any time after an initial purchase, the referring affiliate is paid the relevant commission.

Commissions depend on the level an affiliate is positioned at within the company but range from $20 to $8000+ It’s also worth mentioning that actual sales are handled by the company’s in-house teams so there is no direct selling required by affiliates.

Personally I doubt there is a better education platform or business partnership opportunity out there for those looking to enter this still young and thriving industry.

Find out more about the SFM and DEA by clicking on the image below to register for a free webinar with SFM and DEA Co-founder Stuart Ross.

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By Dave Menzies