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Affiliate Marketing Or Cleaning? 

affiliate marketingProfitable affiliate marketing is really just leveraging a business model well. I’ve recorded a number of videos on the subject. They link to a series of free videos from my own mentors SFM. I’m also an affiliate partner with that company. That means anyone who clicks through to SFM via my video is also added to my subscriber list.  One of those subscribers unsubscribed yesterday leaving the following baffling message.

“i have used affilate marketing in the past spent £10,000 pounds and lost the lot so i got a proper job cleaning. I now make 3,000 a month”

Aside from the grammar (which I have left intact) this begs a few questions. How can you lose money by “using” affiliate marketing? I resist the temptation of replying to unsubscribers.  They have asked to be removed from further contact after all so I can only guess.

My guess is that this person has been an affiliate for something or other in the past. Since most affiliate programs are free to join and have no binding contract, they can’t in themselves cost you money. You are simply acting as a commission-only salesman.

Where you definitely can lose money is in the strategies you use to promote affiliate products. With all forms of advertising and marketing if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can throw a lot of money at the wall. This scattergun approach is costly. It’s no different for affiliate marketing.

My video actually explains that in great detail. The SFM video series this subscriber got in return for giving me his email address explains it in even greater detail. In fact the SFM was created precisely to teach people how NOT to lose money online.

Affiliate Marketing Done Wrong 

affiliate marketingThere are costs associated with all forms of business. In the online world those costs centre around driving traffic to websites. With affiliate marketing, since you don’t need to create your products or marketing content, that’s really the only cost.

It’s a very simple model but you do need to be aware of the facts and you do need to acquire some marketing skills. The facts are that selling cheap products online can be costly. You can easily spend more on advertising than you make in commission. It’s a numbers game at that level and you need to keep a very close eye on those numbers.

I suspect that my ex-subscriber may have been down that road. He may have spent a lot of money on fancy websites, landing pages, traffic providers, pay per click advertising, training courses and who knows what else. Affiliate marketing itself however was probably not to blame.

It’s kind of a shame that this guy and lots like him don’t quite grasp how SFM’s marketing education and digital business systems work. They basically provide a success blueprint for affiliate marketers along with very profitable affiliate marketing partnership options.

 Doing It Right 

This saves you from scurrying around the internet buying training, resources and marketing tools from every Tom Dick and Harry out there. SFM provides it all in one place. On cost alone this is a far cheaper option.

Beyond that though, they provide high-level marketing training on how NOT to spend a fortune on poor advertising and how to pick PROFITABLE affiliate products.

In his comment my subscriber also mentioned that he’s found a “proper job” cleaning and now makes 3000 (dollars or pounds?) a month. Good on him. As an affiliate marketer I earned almost double that in my sleep last month promoting SFM – I know which I’d rather be doing….

If you’d like to learn affiliate marketing properly and take advantage of the lifestyle it offers in terms of both money and free time click the banner below. You’ll be able to get the same free video series my subscriber got (but didn’t GET) and decide for yourself. If not, apparently cleaning is great….

affiliate marketing

By Dave Menzies