SFM And DEA Founders Call Revelations

The SFM and DEA Founders Call March (Part 2 – Awesome News)  

SFM and DEA Founders Call The SFM and DEA Founders call for March was in two parts. Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek had so much to tell us about this month that two instalments were needed.

On the second part of the March SFM and DEA founders call webinar last Thursday they shared an awesome update. It really makes membership of this unique movement/business/community/platform a total no brainer. Anyone looking to become a fully paid up member of the digital economy simply needs to leverage this.

You see behind the scenes Stuart, Jay and their teams have been working on a number of key partnerships. These will take SFM and DEA into the stratosphere. The appointment of their General manager has meant they have been able to accelerate phase one of their ambitions growth plan from 3 years to 1.

On Thursday, during the SFM and DEA founders call for March 2015, the first of a number of strategic partnerships was revealed. This is in the form of a business partnership with Grovo. Grovo are an amazing new digital education company based in New York.

Strategic Partnerships – Huge Opportunities 

These guys have created a digital learning platform based on Micro learning. It involves hundreds of small modules that teach everything from how to set up a Gmail address to advanced computer skills. These are delivered by means of video, webinars and back up downloads. This is very in tune with SFM and DEA’s existing education platforms.

Following a number of meetings and negotiations, Grovo have chosen SFM and DEA’s member community as the people to promote their products using the affiliate marketing model. Leveraging a large affiliate base makes sense for Grovo.  Especially when both companies have such a similar vision.

Grovo are already being touted as THE go to training company for employers to bring their employees up to speed with the digital skills necessary in today’s world. Outsourcing as much or as little highly specific training as is needed is a win-win for employers and their staff alike.

During the SFM and DEA founders call, Jay’s presentation highlighted the huge, worldwide shortfall in digital skills. This gap urgently needs to be addressed. Grovo, like SFM and DEA was created to do just that. The SFM and DEA platform has concentrated on systems and digital marketing education so far. This move broadens that horizon considerably.

The market for training products that address this shortfall and it’s effect on business productivity is vast.

Why does this make SFM and DEA membership a no-brainer?(bearing in mind that this is only the first partnership of many yet to be revealed)

The SFM and DEA’s business model is to provide affiliates with exclusive reseller rights to numerous products.

This goes far beyond the markets for individuals wanting to start an online business or business owners who want to master internet marketing.

The SFM and DEA Founders Call – A Very Bright Future 

SFM and DEA Founders call Now SFM and DEA affiliates will have hundreds of inexpensive but highly valuable teaching products to promote to ANYONE.

Beyond that though each of those will:

  1. Provide ongoing residual income streams and

  2. The SFM team will continue to promote theirs and their partners entire (and fast expanding) suite of exclusive products on their affiliates behalf!


Here’s an example of how that could work. Through an affiliate’s marketing efforts they sell a little training course on how to set up an email account. The person or organization that bought that product then sees everything else that SFM and their strategic partners have to offer.

This can and will lead to them buying further products – because everyone needs to know this stuff. Maybe you’ve seen Barclay’s bank and others starting to provide people with computer skills training? That’s a smart move and it’s the tip of the iceberg. As our world becomes increasingly virtual, digital skills are at a premium.

All the SFM/DEA affiliate did in our example was to introduce the initial sale. That however could lead (with no further work from the affiliate) to high-end sales. These can reach $8000 depending on where the affiliate is positioned.

There is nothing else on the market that offers this kind of potential and the Grovo partnership is only the start.

The vision here is so big that it’s hard to grasp.

If you can see the potential here and would like to learn more about SFM and DEA click on the banner below. That will give you the opportunity to subscribe for their free introductory video series.

SFM and DEA Founders call

By Dave Menzies