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Stuart Ross – Lets Talk Marketing 

stuart rossSad as it may seem it takes a lot to drag me away from the Glasgow based soap River City on a Tuesday evening. A Stuart Ross live webinar is definitely one of those things. So last night I joined a couple of hundred other SFMers and spent a couple of hours getting a down to earth, inspiring and motivational “kick up the arse” from Stu via Hangout. Sorry River City but it beat the hell out of Port Glasgow!

Last night’s live webinar was entitled “lets Talk marketing” and if ever there was a guy more qualified to talk marketing it’s our Stu. His and co-founder Jay Kubasek’s organisation teaches digital marketing after all and they have both walked the walk for quite a few years. When they talk the talk I listen.

They have also taught thousands of students from all glove the globe to do the same, both as SFM and DEA business partners and as independent digital entrepreneurs.

The reasons Stuart Ross decided to do this short notice live event exclusively for members who have been with the company for some time were twofold: He wanted to address a few trends he had noticed where people were going a little off course; and to try the Google Hangouts platform – he plans to do a lot more leading from the front using this platform this year.

What Digital Entrepreneurs Should Spend 80% Of Their Time On

Stuart RossThe going off course bit refers mainly to “education addiction” or students and new entrepreneurs getting stuck in learning mode. The result being that the focus moves away from money producing activities. Stuart Ross’s company after all is called Six Figure Mentors so whilst the end result is lifestyle freedom, it does take cash to achieve that. If you want a Stuart Ross kind of lifestyle, it takes a lot.

So he concentrated on the activities that online marketers and entrepreneurs should be spending 80% of their time on. The truth is that these areas require investment in the business, both time and money– and that can be scary. This is an industry that lives on traffic and lead generation though and the majority of these leads come via paid advertising.

It’s true that this is an industry where there is a lot to learn and SFM provide a huge amount of education and training. Stuart’s point last night was that nothing beats self-education and that comes from actually acting on that training.

Most of the people on the webinar stated that they are looking to replace their income from a job. That means they have limited time to grow an online business. That in turn means that they need to spend most of their available time making it work – ie. Generating income. With the SFM platform, once all the nuts and bolts are set up you can actually start doing this very quickly – If you don’t get stuck in education mode.

Stuart Ross On Education Mode 

This education addiction thing starts when the new business owner feels the need to know everything before risking funds on generating leads. SFM have that covered. But as Stuart Ross explains, with the affiliate marketing model – especially the SFM’s form of it – the risk is greatly reduced.

That’s because an affiliate is able to leverage a vastly expensive marketing machine that’s already there: They don’t have to build it themselves. When you know that your leads are being funnelled into an efficient and high converting funnel, and you believe passionately in the products themselves, it’s a lot more comfortable to pay for them. And really all you have to do is generate those leads consistently.

The SFM affiliate partnership takes this to extremes: They have a dedicated sales and business coaching team who follow up on leads; Under the watchful eye of Stuart Ross They constantly tweak, improve and expand their marketing materials and funnels; They add more income producing products that offer huge value and lead to future sales – on autopilot – for affiliates.

Judging from the feedback both on the chat during the event and on social media after it, this was a very valuable and timely webinar. It certainly was for me. There are a million courses out there covering every aspect of digital marketing.

Education is great and it is addictive but it can lead you down an endless rabbit hole. Limit it to 20% of your time. As the man says it’s truly amazing what youcan achieve with an hour of concentrated activity in this business if you spend it wisely.

If you’d like to see Stuart Ross in action click on the banner below and register for one of his free, recorded webcasts. I think you’ll find his no-nonsense, practical wisdom pretty refreshing.


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