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6 BigThings You DON’T Need for An Affiliate Marketing Business 

affiliate marketing business


The affiliate marketing business model is an attractive one for lots os reasons. Mainly because of the things you don’t need to start one. Near where I live there are several small shop units. Over the last couple of years I’ve lost count of the number of small businesses that have rented them briefly and have come and gone. Everything from hairdressers to specialist model kits sellers have given it a go. Some only last a month or two before the shutters are down and the To Let sign is back.


It’s not a great area for a traditional business – not a lot of passing trade as it’s a fairly quiet area. It made think about the comparative costs of an affiliate marketing business online and an offline bricks and mortar one.


Currently one of the units I mentioned is being used as a beauty salon. Obviously the treatments themselves can’t be done online but they also sell a ton of products – which could be done online. Here are some of the main things you need for a traditional shop versus an online affiliate marketing business.


1. Premises – Even in a low rent area the rent/rates need to be covered before there’s any profit.


2. Products – They need to be on display and in stock. They need to be managed, invoiced, paid for and in some cases delivered.


3. Staff – Unless you’re a one man or woman business, you’ll need some and they’ll need paying


4. Equipment – Depending on what the business does this could be quite a chunky investment which may also need maintenance and at times repair or replacing.


5. Transport – possibly for deliveries or collecting stock or just to get to and from the shop or business.


6. Insurances – Public liability, Professional indemnity, theft etc.


What You Do Need For An Affiliate Marketing Business or Businesses.


1. A laptop.


Yes, really: That’s it. Assuming of course that you already have a home to work from. But even then you can offset some of your few costs against tax: Phone line, broadband, heating and even the laptop itself. It’s not called the laptop lifestyle for nothing. Thousands of people are running an affiliate marketing business from wherever they like armed with nothing more.


I’d say that’s possibly the best business model ever created wouldn’t you?


You need a few tools of the trade and you need to learn some new skills but you don’t need much else beyond what you already have. Both are supplied by SFM. They also provide one of the best affiliate marketing business programmes on the market to get you started.


It’ll cost you $29.95 (about 18 quid) to get all your questions answered by an SFM professional business coach and to get a 30 day test drive of the unique SFM business system. If you don’t agree that it’s the best digital marketing training and affiliate marketing business programme you will ever see – just get a refund and walk away. Find out more by joining Stuart Ross of SFM on a free webcast at a time of your choice.

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6 BigThings You DON’T Need for An Affiliate Marketing Business 

By Dave Menzies

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