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the digital experts academy

The Digital Experts Academy Reseller Programme 

the digital experts academyIn The Digital Experts Academy calendar, right after Momentum day comes the DEA Black retreat in Miami. It’s inspiring to see all the posts appearing on Facebook as the Elite black’s make their way from all over the globe to Miami. They’ll be spending a few days in luxurious surroundings as they mastermind and party in equal measure.

What am I on about? I’ll explain. Within the Digital Experts Academy there are 4 levels of membership each with individual and ever increasing benefits. This is affiliate marketing but not as we know it. This is so much more than just a range of products to sell for commission: It’s a mission.

Here is a short summary of the various DEA levels and features.

The Digital Experts Academy Silver.

A 12 month learning programme which is designed to transition students from the traditional economy employee to digital entrepreneur. It provides foundational training delivered by an e-learning portal. The course modules cover:

Sales and business development

Customer service and retention

Management and leadership effectiveness

Professional development.

The Digital Experts Academy Gold

A 12 month digital marketing mastermind. This is aimed at creating full time digital marketers. Included are:

6 week intensive coaching programme

Unlimited I-1 mentoring sessions

2-day digital marketing workshop.

The Digital Experts Academy Platinum

This level takes you from digital marketer to digital expert. You get a professional online brand identity which includes:

2 day intensive brand identity workshop with Jay Kubassek (InKubator)

Custom built pro website and social media profiles

Professional portrait

Ongoing brand building training and support

The Digital Experts Academy Black

Along with all of the above, at this level you are a couple of degrees away from the top Internet marketing movers and shakers. The retreat is included as is the potential to partner in joint venture with The Digital Experts Academy.

On the financial side, affiliates are paid commission based on the level they are positioned at and for every level below. So a Black level member can earn commission on sales of every level in the plan. Considering these commissions range from $1K to $8K per sale the earning potential is huge.

Every level within The Digital Experts Academy offers incredible value for money in line with the company’s aim to provide those looking to transition fully to the digital economy with everything they need at a cost many times lower than open market prices. Not that there actually is anything comparable on the open market.

To find out more about The Digital Experts Academy the link below will offer a series of complimentary videos taking you through the platform in more detail.

the digital experts academy


The Digital Experts Academy Reseller Programme Reviewed

By Dave Menzies

the digital experts academy