The Domino Effect In An Online Business

How The Domino Effect Works In An Online Business

During His presentation at the SFM Momentum day in London recently Jay Kubassek used the example of the domino effect as in the video below.

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Original idea by Lorne Whitehead, American Journal of Physics, Vol. 51, page 182 (1983). Video by Stephen Morris.

The Domino effect is an example of exponential growth – the kind of growth currently personified by the rapid advance of technology.

By leveraging this growth with the correct systems, training and mentorship it’s possible to grow an online business far quicker than a traditional business. This is because of the sheer variety of ways that good and services can be marketed on the internet. Even without actually owning those products as in affiliate marketing.

Leveraging The Domino Effect 

The information available to online marketers is unprecedented and offers opportunities for scaling that are simply not possible with an offline business: There is no need for set places of work, rigid schedules or for dependance on a local market place. An online business operates globally 24/7/365

Of course there are some essentials in this business model. The right products with the right “customer for life”sales sequence being the most important. The correct approach to the numerous marketing platforms and the right use of tracking results is next.

Online marketers can now re-target their target audiences on multiple platforms, identify what is working and what is not and adjust accordingly. So a single advertising campaign, or video, or blog post can be like the first domino in the domino effect.

The Domino Effect Online Business In A Box

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