Encore Careers For Retirees

Encore careers for retirees are becoming increasingly popular. People in their 60’s, 70’s and even 80’s are opting for a second career rather than fading away in the garden or on the golf course.  A survey by the Employee Benefits Research Institute found that as many as 74% of workers are planning to start a…

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Disabling Related Videos 2019

Disabling related videos on your embedded videos used to be a piece of cake until late last year. You simply unchecked the “show related videos” box on the embed drop down under your Youtube video. In September 2018 Youtube decided to remove this option. Now when you embed your video or playlist on your blog…

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This Law Of Attraction Thing

law of attraction

The law of attraction is a bit of a problem for me but I can’t argue with facts, as the following true story will testify.  I’m a devout (if that’s not a contradiction in terms) atheist. I don’t believe in God, heaven, hell, the afterlife or in anything that can’t be backed up with scientific,…

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Adapting To The Digital Age

adapting to the digital age

Some people of my age are nostalgic about the world we grew up in the pre-digital age. They claim that things were simpler without all this technology that surrounds us and that being connected to the world 24/7 has robbed us of our freedom. Some think that old technologies like film, tape and vinyl were…

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Embrace The Digital World

image of smartphones with screen showing an image of two hands. One hand is robotic the other human. Where they meet the human hand is becoming robotic. This symbolises embracing the digital world

There are ever more reasons to embrace the digital world. For me the top three, in no particular order are convenience, quality of life and freedom. To make my case I’ll use three areas where the digital revolution has improved my own life immeasurably. The first two concern lifelong passions and the staggering improvements digital…

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How To Get More Youtube Subscribers

How do you get more Youtube subscribers? This is a question that pops up frequently on my Quora feed. I suspect that many are looking for a quick, easy fix but sadly there isn’t one. You can buy comments, likes and even subscribers but that’s a sure way to get your channel shut down by…

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Time And Money Divorce

The relationship between time and money has defined our working lives.  Traditionally most of us have exchanged one for the other in an often-unsatisfactory ratio.  It’s a bargain we’ve had to make with a system geared towards an economic model that’s seriously showing its age.  In the digital world however time is not money and…

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Best DIY WordPress Themes

The best DIY WordPress themes for my money have to be reasonably easy to use, look great and have a ton of functionality. Unless you are or want to be a website builder these really are the only criteria you need to concern yourself with. Your website is your online shop front so of course…

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Running An Online Business From Home – Home Truths

Running an online business from home is a very attractive prospect for a lot of people: Mothers who want to spend as much time with young kids as they can and still earn a living; retirees to who aren’t ready to stop yet; people of all ages who just want an alternative to the 9-5;…

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Restarting After Redundancy In Later Life

I first experienced redundancy in later life I was 47 in fact. 12 years with the same firm, working my way up the corporate ladder. I was at a point where life looked rosy then BOOM! All gone. That was 2010, a couple of years into a global recession which had gone through my industry…

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