Screenflow Version 7 Review

Screenflow Version 7 The Good Gets Better Screenflow version 7 hit the market recently. As an existing user and longtime fan I took advantage of the upgrade discount available. To be honest I see these annual upgrades as a no brainer and this one looks like no exception. Apart from a general refresh of the…

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Learning How To Thrive In The Digital Age

learning to thrive in the digital age

Resistance Is Futile Learning how to thrive in the digital age is a must. Not just because resistance is basically futile, but because, like all things digital it just makes for an easier and in many ways better life. Up until fairly recently you could safely assume that the world you were born into would…

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Viddyoze Video Animation Platform

Viddyoze Video Animation Platform Review Viddyoze video animation platform hit the virtual shelves recently with much fanfare. As I was in the market for a logo animation I decided to check it out. I was very impressed. I have since acquired their full suite of animations at the  low launch price (at time of writing…

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The Abundance Mindset

The Abundance Mindset vs The Lack Mindset The Abundance mindset as opposed to the lack, or scarcity mindset is a crucial factor in your future wealth. You will find in most cases that this is what separates the rich from the poor. It doesn’t matter much whether you start with a little or lot, an…

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Overcoming Inertia With Meta Stories

The Benefits Of Overcoming Inertia Overcoming inertia or getting yourself unstuck seems to be supremely difficult for most of us. Even when we know what the benefits could be and aren’t even sure what is stopping us, we can’t seem to give ourselves the little push we need. Sadly this weird, human phenomenon can stop…

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The Power Of Change

the power of change

Embracing The Power of Change Most of us are not comfortable with change and I’m no different. I have realised that uncomfortable or not it has to be gone through in order to progress in life. I’ve been through a lot of change in the last 5 years and, painful though some of it was,…

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The Power Of List Building

List Building – An Asset For Life The power of list building is undeniable in the world of online business. We’ve all heard the phrase “The money is in the list” or similar and I’ve found that to be true over the last few years. I’d also agree that a well-built, well managed and well…

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Long Tail vs Short Tail Keywords

Long Tail vs Short tail Keywords

Long Tail vs Short Tail Keywords For SEO An understanding of long tail vs short tail keywords is a crucial part of the Internet entrepreneur’s arsenal. These keywords – the phrases typed into search engines – are the bread and butter of doing business online. They allow the search engines to match them to relevant…

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How To Survive The Next Economic Crash

Survive The Next Economic Crash And Thrive How to survive the next economic crash is the subject of a recent Facebook video posted by Rich Dad, poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki. He reckons its coming soon and that its going to be bigger than anything we’ve ever seen. He any many other experts are predicting…

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Choose Time, Location And Financial Freedom

time, location and financial freedom

Time, Location And Financial Freedom Today Creating a lifestyle of time, location and financial freedom might seem like a tall order. In a 9-5 or a with a traditional business you don’t have any of those. A lot of your time goes on getting to and from then at your place of work. You probably…

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