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Digital life in the country

  My Digital Life In The Country I’m no stranger to life in the country. I was brought up in a little country village near Glasgow till the age of 8. Then my folks bought a house a few miles from there in an even more rural setting where I lived until my 20’s. Around…

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Designing Your Digital Life

What Will You Do With Your Digital Life? What will you do with your digital life? Its actually quite a big question and one worth thinking long and hard about. That’s why the people who have helped me create mine dedicate an entire module to this in their 5 module set up process. It’s called…

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The Truth About SFM and DEA

SFM And DEA Reviews As a company or organisation grows arms and legs as SFM and DEA  (Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy) have over the last 6 years, the online chatter inevitably increases. The thing about online chatter though is that it’s pretty much an open range. That means that an increasing amount…

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Opting Out of The 9-5

Opting Out of The 9-5 In Style I sometimes wonder why everyone isn’t opting out of the 9-5 and running an online business. I mean, do people actually enjoy commuting to and from a job they don’t actually enjoy? Do they seriously want to spend 8hrs or more a day, 5 or more days a…

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Using your computer to monitor your smartphone

How To See Your Smartphone On A Laptop Using your computer to monitor your smartphone – like a big external monitor would solve a lot of problems don’t you think? The biggest problem facing the solo smartphone video maker is the front/back camera dilemma: The back facing camera is generally higher resolution but in situations…

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Replacing A Six-Figure Income Online

Replace or Get a 6-Figure Income Online Replacing a six-figure income online might seem like a tall order but it’s really just a matter of education. When you think about, it was probably education that got you where you are now and its what will get you where you want to go next. It’s just…

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Digital Experts Academy Ten for Ten Event

Ten For Ten

DEA Inaugural Ten For Ten Review Last week I had the honour and privilege of attending the inaugural DEA Ten for Ten event in Fairhaven, New Jersey. Hosted in his impressive home by co-founder Jay Kubassek and delivered by Jay and the DEA’s world class team, the 2 day event was nothing short of incredible.…

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Screenflow Version 7 Review

Screenflow Version 7 The Good Gets Better Screenflow version 7 hit the market recently. As an existing user and longtime fan I took advantage of the upgrade discount available. To be honest I see these annual upgrades as a no brainer and this one looks like no exception. Apart from a general refresh of the…

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Learning How To Thrive In The Digital Age

learning to thrive in the digital age

Resistance Is Futile Learning how to thrive in the digital age is a must. Not just because resistance is basically futile, but because, like all things digital it just makes for an easier and in many ways better life. Up until fairly recently you could safely assume that the world you were born into would…

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Viddyoze Video Animation Platform

Viddyoze Video Animation Platform Review Viddyoze video animation platform hit the virtual shelves recently with much fanfare. As I was in the market for a logo animation I decided to check it out. I was very impressed. I have since acquired their full suite of animations at the  low launch price (at time of writing…

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