Screenflow’s Narration Function

Screenflow’s narration function is one I hadn’t tried until recently despite having used this excellent screen recording software by Telestream for some years. My partner’s driving instruction business is on corvid 19 lockdown pause right now so she decided to shoot some videos for her pupils meantime. So, armed with a head mounted Gopro she…

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Preparing For The Coronavirus Depression

Preparing For the coronavirus depression

The Coronavirus depression is a term coined in one of two excellent articles I read today on Medium. It refers to what’s looking like being the worst recession in our history triggered by the Covid 19 pandemic. In his article “This is How an Economy Implodes”, Umair Haque outlines America’s economic divebomb. “You still have…

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Preparing For The Post Lockdown World

image of woman working on a laptop from home. She is running an online business and creating security and value in a post lockdown world

It goes without saying that the world is going through massive changes right now. How can we a prepare for and adapt to a post lockdown world? Even before Covid19 came along and introduced us to measures like lockdown and social distancing, “The times they were a changing”. The digital revolution was already changing the…

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Working From Home In Lockdown

It’s week four of the Coronavirus lockdown here in the UK. I’m sitting in my garden in glorious sunshine. Aside from the busy chatter of many birds and the distant drone of lawnmowers and strimmers it’s very quiet. To be honest though, for me it’s pretty much situation normal. I’ve been working from home now…

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Making Self-Isolation Pay

Self-isolation due to the Coronavirus lockdown is pretty strange for most of us isn’t it? I’ve been working from home for a number of years so the stay at home side of things isn’t such a big deal for me. It also hasn’t adversely affected my income since my business is web based and sells…

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Home Working After Corona

Home working after corona came up recently when I Skyped with a friend. We met some years ago at an event hosted by the online business mentoring community we’re both members of. Among other things we discussed the implications of corvid19 on how we work. We realised that we had both been effectively self-isolating for…

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Whats Stopping You From Starting?

Whats stopping you from starting? Is a question I still ask myself quite often. Maybe you’re the same. You have all these great ideas but never act on them. Lets take the idea of working from home as an example. Maybe this is something you’ve been thinking about for some time. I know I did.…

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Changing Your Lifestyle Tuning

More and more I find myself doing things I wouldn’t have before. If we think of “before” as 10 years ago that’s a lot of things. The cause is without doubt the Internet, which provides both the possibility and the means to do things differently. From simple, convenience things like shopping to big, holistic things…

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Practical Visualisation Hacks

The brochure of the house we couldnt afford but ended up buying anyway through practical visualisation

Back in 2016 I wrote a post titled  “Why you should write your meta story”.  It’s proven to be quite popular so I thought I’d update it for 2020. I also want to include some thoughts on practical visualisation as I practiced that long before I ever heard of meta stories.  I’ll start with a…

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A More Flexible Lifestyle

Do you ever wish you had a more flexible lifestyle? By that I mean a life that offers a lot of time freedom and choice. A lifestyle that offers complete control of what you earn and how and where you earn it.  These days many employers are offering more flexible working hours. As the world…

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