How To live Wherever You want To

Live Wherever You Want To – The Digital Gift The ability to live wherever you want to is one of the many blessings of the digital age. In a moment I’ll tell you about our (myself and my partner’s) version of that, how we were able to do it and why I believe any one…

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5 ways To Overcome Inertia

overcome inertia

Overcome Inertia With These 5 Hacks In order to overcome inertia or to get “unstuck”, we have to think about the Law of Inertia. It states that any object has the tendency to resist a change in motion. It will need either a push or a pull to get it moving. It’s the same for…

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Achieving Time Freedom Online

Time Freedom

Time Freedom – The Ultimate Prize I shot this video about achieving time freedom through an online business on the spur of the moment. I realised that I sort of take this for granted slightly now – the freedom to just play guitar or go and take some photos whenever the mood takes me. So…

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Email Marketing – The Ultimate Guide

email marketing

8 Point Ultimate Email Marketing Guide Email marketing has been an essential part of my sales strategy for years now. I used email marketing very successfully when I was working as a business development manager. As an Internet entrepreneur it’s still the bedrock of my business. Wherever I generate leads from they go straight to…

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How To Stop Making Excuses

stop making excuses

Stop Making Excuses – The Locus Of Control   There have been times in my life where I’ve needed a real kick up the arse to stop making excuses. Luckily I have a partner who is only too willing to provide said K.U.T.A. ! But joking aside it’s a battle I’m gradually winning and these…

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How To Work Less And Enjoy Life More

work less and enjoy life more

Work Less And Enjoy Life More (It’s 2017 FFS!) Aside from a couple of breaks I’ve pretty much worked full time for the best part of 30 years (I’m 52). In all that time I often looked for ways to work less and enjoy life more. 30 years of working 9-5 – often longer –…

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Do You Focus On The Big Picture?


Why You Need To Focus On The Big Picture   Keeping your focus on the big picture is I’ve learned, the key to success in any endeavour. Once you have your big picture – your end goal – defined properly of course. As an Internet entrepreneur I find this as true as I did as…

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The Laptop Lifestyle Takeover

Is The Laptop Lifestyle Becoming Mainstream? The laptop lifestyle: Working from wherever you want, whenever you want, armed only with a laptop, is going mainstream fast. Many traditional businesses now see remote working as an obvious, more efficient practice. That’s not exactly the same laptop lifestyle enjoyed by the Internet entrepreneur but it does tick…

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The Best Skills To Invest In Now

What Are The Best Skills To Invest In Right Now? The best skills to invest in – to acquire – at any given time are always those that are most in demand. Should you aim for a very specific, skills in a specific niche though, or a broader, transferable set of skills for the best…

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Start Automating Your Income

automating your income

Is Automating Your Income Actually Possible? Is there anything more enticing than the possibility of automating your income? Taking the hard work – the chore out of earning your daily bread? Imagine if were not only possible to get by but to actually thrive by automating your income: No job, no boss, lots of time…

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