Achieving Time Freedom Online

Time Freedom

Time Freedom – The Ultimate Prize

I shot this video about achieving time freedom through an online business on the spur of the moment. I realised that I sort of take this for granted slightly now – the freedom to just play guitar or go and take some photos whenever the mood takes me. So I decided to grab the camera and talk about it while I was working on some music on a Monday afternoon.

Time Freedom

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Time freedom is probably the aspect of online business that most online entrepreneurs prize most – at least most of the many I know do. Being able to earn a living – a potentially extremely good one without it taking most of your time and energy to do so is life enhancing. When technology makes it possible why wouldn’t you take advantage?

How Time Freedom Impacts Everything

In the video I touch on my own passions for music and photography. I talk about how in the past these have been sidelined by the necessity of earning a living – not the easiest thing to so in either of these fields. Running an online business has given me back a lot of time to go back to these passions.

That also helps the online business in various ways: In a practical sense as I use images and music in my online marketing content as well as selling photographs; In an a more intangible way time freedom, spending time on your passions and enjoying life improves your marketing message in my type of business.

Take this week for example: After a couple of hours work on the business on Monday I spent a few hours working on a song. I shot the video above for my youtube channel at the same time (work + play.) Then I booked flights and accommodation for a 2 day visit to London to attend an internet marketing event next month. On Tuesday morning I recorded a live video interview with a stay an home mompreneur I’ve known for a few years. In the afternoon I drove down to help a friend out with some music recording. On Wednesday I jumped on a ferry and drove to Glasgow to visit my folks.

Separating Time And Money

Time is not money as the popular cliche says. Not anymore. Wouldn’t you like to get your time back and boost your freedom and income potential at the same time?

You’ll find a link in the video and under this post to the people and resources that have helped me create this time freedom. Follow that link for a series of free videos that explain how an internet based business creates time, location and financial freedom. They also explain how to actually do it and why you should.


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