Building An Online Business In Your Spare Time

Build An Online Business In Your Spare Time

Building An Online Business In Your Spare Time

Building an online business in your spare time is probably the smartest thing you can do these days. Ironically though the two main reasons most do it for: to create more free time and more money, are the two things you’ll lose more of in the beginning. Building an online business around a job 9-5 usually, makes sense but how doable is that? In this post we’ll take an honest look at what it takes and I’ll share an amazing resource that I’ve found invaluable.

Like building an online business itself, doing it in whatever spare time you have requires a bit of a mindset change. You probably think you don’t have a lot of spare time to start with – hence the attraction of an Internet business in the first place. If however you put your mind to it you’ll find that you can create more. When you accept the fact that changing your life dramatically will take some sacrifices, you look at things differently. Does watching TV actually serve you for example? Could you cut down on it for a while? Could you pull back on the socialising – again temporarily?Building An Online Business In Your Spare Time

The last thing I wanted to do after a long, pressurized day at the office was to do more work. I wanted to eat dinner, have a glass of wine, watch TV or a movie and go to bed. The working week usually ended with a long night in the pub and the weekend was for fun and relaxation before the cycle began again on Monday. When I saw redundancy looming though and I decided to start building an online business all that had to change. I didn’t turn into a monk by any means but I became very aware of how important my time was.

How Much Time Do You Need?

How you do it will depend on your own circumstances. Mine allowed me to squeeze in a little work on my business during working hours. I figured that as I was probably going to be laid off anyway – what the hell? Mainly though, I worked evenings and a little on the weekends. Missing some mindless soap operas and game shows really wasn’t much of a trial and my liver thanked me for skipping the odd Friday night session. It was actually quite exciting to have a new goal.

Lets not paint too pretty a picture – there’s a lot to do. You need products, websites, social media profiles, tools, resources and new skills. Luckily you can get all of those in one place – more on that later. The great joy of this type of business is that many of the main processes and systems involved only have to be set up once. After the initial set up is done a huge amount of work can be automated.

You can get this all done quite quickly by spending an hour or two on it a couple of times a week. As a rule of thumb the more time you can find the quicker your business will grow. Bear in mind you are building an online business in your spare time so you are not yet relying on it for your income. Devote what time you can to it but do it consistently. Its more of a marathon than a sprint.

Building An Online Business In Your Spare Time – Everything You Need

The whole enterprise could take a long time if you were to source everything you need from lots of different places. A far better way to start building an online business in your spare time is to find a platform that includes everything: High profit products, done for you systems, state of the minute training and support from the best in the business. I can happily recommend one to you. I’ve been using it for 5 years now.

SFM (Six Figure Mentors) and DEA (Digital Experts Academy) provide everything you need. The platform’s creators Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek have reverse engineered many years of building 6 and 7 figure online businesses. The result is a near turnkey online education and business system that addresses most of the difficulties faced by newcomers to the online space.

Their system makes everything from building websites, sales funnels and graphics to syndicating content as push button simple as it can be. Their team of world-class experts provide up to the minute training and support on every aspect of digital marketing via live and recorded webinars and events. Best of all if you are building an online business in your spare time, they provide a range of profitable business partnerships.

Learn more about SFM and DEA with their free introductory video series by clicking on the link below


Building An Online Business In Your Spare Time