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building an online business

Growing An Online Business – Hard Or Smart Way

building an online businessGrowing an online business from scratch might seem like a daunting idea. I was reminded of my first efforts to do it when I re-watched a famous old Laurel and Hardy film yesterday: You know, the one with the piano. Our loveable heroes have to deliver a piano to a house at the top of a mountain – like series of stairs. They go about it with their usual hilarious yet painful aplomb.

The punch line in that old chestnut is that when they eventually succeed after numerous disasters, a postman points out the road they could have used. Rather than handballing the piano they could have left it on the cart and driven right to the front door. Growing an online business the hard way is a lot like that. Until a friend pointed out an easier route to me – kind of like the postman did with L and H, I did things the hard way. In my case however it was more a case of – better late than never – rather than far too late!

To my mind – with the benefit of hindsight – building an online business the hard way means doing it alone: You start with a huge jigsaw but without a nice picture of what you’re actually building.

Some of the pieces include, websites, landing pages, automation software, linking software, sales funnels and payment facilities. Then you need to set up channels, analytics, profiles and a stack of other essentials. That’s even before you tackle Internet marketing in all its guises to bring traffic and profits to the business.

Take the Stairs or Use the Road…

building an online businessWhere do you start? What comes first? Sooner rather than later you’ll need help growing an online business. I’d suggest sooner is better – like Laurel and Hardy meeting the postman at the bottom of the stairs and getting the tip about the road right at the start.

Until recently finding the right kind of help in growing an online business – all in one place – has been impossible. You’d find yourself going here for websites, there for training and advice, somewhere else for landing pages etc. You’d get lots of conflicting advice, possibly end up with a load of tools and gadgets you don’t need or paid too much for. In general you could find yourself in an expensive pickle.

Growing An Online Business With All The Pieces You need

I’m talking from experience here – I’ve been in that pickle. I eventually found that growing my online business was much easier when I could find everything I needed (and none of what I didn’t need) in the one place. That place was with a platform called SFM and DEA. Not only do they provide all the pieces of the jigsaw in a straightforward way, they also offer franchise style partnerships. That was key for me since I didn’t have my own products to start with.

By partnering with them I found that selling their training, education and systems products – the same ones I use myself in building an online business (several in fact) was a revelation. It was very like – going back to the piano thing – being shown the sensible road. I just wish, like Laurel and Hardy, I’d found it sooner.

Luckily for you if you are thinking of building an online business from scratch, or if you have an existing business that seriously needs to leverage the internet, I can show you that road.

It comes in the form of an introductory series of videos sent to your email inbox over 7 days. No strings or catches and completely free, it shows how SFM and DEA can provide everything you need. Click on the banner below to subscribe for those videos.

building an online business

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