Email Marketing – The Ultimate Guide

email marketing

8 Point Ultimate Email Marketing Guide

email marketingEmail marketing has been an essential part of my sales strategy for years now. I used it very successfully when I was working as a business development manager. As an Internet entrepreneur it’s still the bedrock of my business.

Wherever I generate leads from they go straight to my email management system. From there I’m able to build to build rapport and trust over time and can generate sales 6, 12 or 24 months down the line. That’s the power of marketing with email. Coupled with a solid list building strategy and a system that automates a lot of the work, its pretty unbeatable.

It’s reassuring to know that whenever a lead joins my email list they are not only going straight into an automated sales funnel, but that I can also build a relationship with them over time.

Aweber’s Ultimate Email Marketing Guide

That’s why I’d like to share a great free resource from the guys at Aweber. Their industry leading email management system is used by millions (myself included) on a daily basis. So they know what they’re talking about.

They’ve published a free 8 part educational resource titled “The Ultimate Guide To Email Marketing”. It covers everything from the basics to advanced automation techniques. Designed to help business owners get the most from their email campaigns it’s a very worthwhile read. You’ll learn how to:

  1. Email marketing 101
  2. Plan an email strategy
  3. Grow your email list
  4. Write engaging email content
  5. Design beautiful emails
  6. Schedule and send emails
  7. Advanced email automation
  8. Analyse and improve emails

The Power of List Building

I can’t over stress the power of email list building. When you get it right it’s very cost effective. With a system like Aweber handling the heavy lifting it’s a largely automated but still very personal from of digital marketing.

Aweber’s 8 part guide uses real world examples, case studies and tips from industry leaders. Whether this marketing strategy is new to you or you want to optimise and fine-tune your email campaigns it’s well worth grabbing.

email marketing