How Quit Your Day Job This Year

How To Quit Your Day Job And Do Something Better


quit your day job“How to quit your day job” typed into Google returns around 96 and a half million results. That makes it a pretty hot topic. In fact with technology, automation and A.I moving at the pace it is, its no surprise that more of us than ever want the answer to that question. Maybe its more a case of how to quit your day job before it quits you. Here’s my tuppence worth on the subject.

Just to frame things for you: I was made redundant at the age of 47 and was pretty much forced into self-employment. That has turned out to be one the best things that ever happened to me. I now have a number of online income streams some of which are automatic. I have been able to relocate to the seaside with my partner and have a lot of free time to pursue my passions for music and photography. So I feel my tuppence worth is worth your while.

WHY Do You want To Quit Your Day Job?

In order to quit your day job you obviously need an alternative: Ideally some kind of self-employment that will do more than just replace your job income. Maybe you want to be able to earn more than you do now, maybe it’s more time freedom your after. Maybe you want to live somewhere else. In my experience there is only one place you can do all that reasonably quickly– the Internet.

But that being said – and I’ll share some powerful resources with you on that -there’s a lot to consider. There’s all the background work related to quitting your day job for a start: Squaring the idea away with your nearest and dearest and dependants; Building up a buffer fund or intermediate source of income. That all has to come before you look at the nuts and bolts of how to quit your day job.

Things To Consider

quit your day jobIf you need to keep the day job while you build your escape route are you prepared for what that entails? If your reason for wanting to quit your day job is to eventually create more free time, be prepared to lose more of it first! You’ll need to spend a good bit of whatever spare time you currently have to get there.

But that might only mean giving up on some TV a few nights out or some lunch breaks. Lets face it we aren’t tied to watching the box on a fixed schedule anyway – we can watch when we want and on whatever device we choose. And that really just backs up my position that the Internet is the place to build your new life.

So if you’ve done all the soul-searching, considered the practical stuff and are still determined to quit your day job – good on you. Now here’s why I think you need to look at the Internet as the escape route.

What You’ll Need To Quit Your day Job

From a practical point of view you don’t need much. A computer and an internet connection, and you’ve probably already got those. You don’t need your own products or services to start with and you don’t need to be a techie whizz kid. You will need to find some spare time to learn some new skills. These are skills that in today’s world will provide you with income as well as time and location freedom for the rest of your life.

Money wise, some investment is required as with any business. You’ll need to invest in education and in some systems and resources. We’re not talking anything like the cost of starting a traditional business or a university education though. You’ll also need to invest in advertising on an ongoing basis but Internet advertising done right offers a better ROI than anything else in the world.

But lets not put the horse before the cart here. First of all I’d suggest you take a look at some free training. The same training that got me started and has been life changing for me in very positive ways. It comes in the form of a 7-day series of videos from two of the worlds leading digital education providers. Get them by clicking on the link below and submitting an email address.


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