How To Build A Successful Online Business

The 9-5 Is Outdated

I’m putting digital pen to digital paper today as I was looking at a presentation by Jay Kubassek  earlier. As usual it was pretty thought provoking. One particular piece of info he shared got me thinking. It addressed the sheer numbers of people who are googling certain phrases. Make Money online, get out of debt, income opportunities, home based business and other related phrases. They total 50 million searches a month. Basically they want to start a successful online business.

How Not To Build A Successful Online Business

The other alarming statistic he shared was on the percentage of people who want a successful online business. Those who and follow through on the search results, try to make money online and fail is around 90%. Why? Well there are several reasons.  The main three are: Lack of knowledge about marketing online. Choosing the wrong opportunity. Giving up.

Looking at these in order:

Poor knowledge of online marketing.

As I’ve said many times, It’s pretty easy to start an online home business. Because of this people believe that it will be equally easy to make it a successful online business. The truth is it isn’t. Even with experience of marketing or selling offline. Online marketing is a whole different ball game. What you should be doing is learning the relevant skills first.

Picking the wrong opportunity

The google search results for the aforementioned phrases will sadly return a lot of over hyped, exciting sounding “get rich quick” nonsense. This is designed to make it sound easy. This is because the people marketing these “opportunities” know what they are doing (see previous point). Sadly the stuff they promote seldom lives up to its initial promise. Very few of these have a chance of providing a successful online business

Just Giving up

This is by far and away the biggest reason for the %age failure being so high. Points one and two lead to this. In his presentation Jay also compared building a successful online business to climbing a mountain. Most climbers give up just before they are at the summit. That’s because they can’t see the summit. The people who do succeed just push themselves the extra mile – they DON’T give up. They find mentors, put in the time, do the learning and learn to recognise and steer clear of the dodgy marketers.

Learn How To Create Success Online

Giving up is definitely easier and as humans we do often settle for the easy route.  Think about what you dreamed of as a kid. Maybe you declared that one day you would be a spaceman, or a brain surgeon. You would drive a Ferrari or a Porsche. Why then are you now a bank clerk driving a Ford Fiesta? You gave up. Life has a way of kicking dreams out of you – if you let it. Building a successful online business is no different.

If you study people who have persevered and are running or starting to run a successful online business they have some things in common. They have all been through points one and two. They have tried and failed – sometimes often – but have picked themselves up and kept climbing. Usually they have found the RIGHT opportunity or partner and mentors, and they will NEVER give up.

I don’t know what the more positive statistic for people who have created a successful online business is but I guess it must be 5%. Although this might seem a small number it represents a lot of people who are creating “dream” lifestyles by leveraging the Internet’s huge potential for making money. In today’s world owning a successful online business really is a lifestyle and way of living that is worth any price.

The Best Place To Start Climbing

The Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy founded by Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross is possibly the best place to start your climb if you are one of the 50 million googlers looking to make some life changes.

They are the right opportunity, the right teachers and mentors ad they have climbed the mountain and thrown down a rope to thousands of trainee climbers in the last few years. Find out more about how to build a successful online business by signing up for some complimentary videos explaining why by clicking the link below.

how to build a successful online business