Preparing For The Post Lockdown World

image of woman working on a laptop from home. She is running an online business and creating security and value in a post lockdown world
image of woman working on a laptop from home. She is running an online business and creating security and value in a  post lockdown world

It goes without saying that the world is going through massive changes right now. How can we a prepare for and adapt to a post lockdown world? Even before Covid19 came along and introduced us to measures like lockdown and social distancing, “The times they were a changing”. The digital revolution was already changing the way we do almost everything. The recession – some say the worst in history – that Corona will leave behind will surely lend more power to that revolution. 

A post lockdown world where most of us work from home and social distancing is the norm looks likely. It’s good for business, good for people and seemingly pretty good for the environment too. But for some the outlook could be bleak. What happens if your job is no longer there? What happens if your business just can’t recover from months of closed doors?

Learning To Pivot

It questions like these – in times like these – that we have to consider repositioning or pivoting ourselves. That  involves some self investment in new skills, different mindsets and yes some challenges. Many people, myself included, found ourselves in that position after the last major recession swept the world. I lost my career and well paid job a year or so after the banking crisis struck in 2008.

My industry like many others was decimated. Full times jobs vanished in favour of freelancers, client budgets shrank and competition became cut-throat. I don’t have a crystal ball but I can see the same situation happening again soon but much worse. We’ve already seen some big name businesses going down the drain. All those empty streets filled with closed businesses are not a good omen. The eventual cost of paying millions of people NOT to work and to keep businesses afloat will be vast. 

But one place continues to thrive amidst the chaos and uncertainty – The Internet. Millions of people are turning to it not just to buy goods and services at a safe distance. Not just to communicate with friends and family. But to start an online business that can be run from home. A business which, when some form of what we used to call normality returns, can be run from anywhere. 

Mentorship, Tools And Community

That’s what I did when I was laid off. I genuinely wish I’d had the same resources I’m about to share with you when I started as I made a few rookie mistakes back then. There is no need for you to do that now. 

What I found I needed most of all to create a profitable online business was education, mentorship and support. I found that with an organisation called SFM (Six Figure Mentors) which has now been around for over 10 years. They have a partner organisation called DEA (Digital Expert’s Academy) In that time they have helped thousands of people all over the world transition to the digital economy. 

They deliver through live and recorded webinars, partnerships with the likes of Microsoft’s Lynda, live workshops and events and via their unique membership community. Members learn how to take any idea online via proven internet business models like Affiliate marketing and E-commerce. You can even choose to  become an affiliate partner and earn commissions promoting their business. 

The All -In Rescue Package

Like everyone else, the founders of SFM and DEA are currently in lockdown. Like me and most internet business people, this isn’t actually that different to normal life for us. But it has given them the motivation to create something new. Something that could be a life saver for the millions of people for whom this situation is completely new. Checking this out could well be some of the best use of the time you have on your hands. 

I’ll let SFM and DEA co-founder Stuart Ross explain in detail from lockdown in his house in Portugal (click on the link below for his video) Basically he has come up with a package that provides absolutely Everything you need to start and grow an online business from scratch.