The Power Of Fast Decisions

the power of fast decisions. A rally car takes a corner at high speed, demostrating the power of fast decsions

  The power of fast decisions has been brought home to me often. Usually with the benefit of hindsight. Over the years, before finally learning this, I’ve dithered over making fast decisions and have paid the price.  Here are some examples, which stress the importance of a speedy decision.

It’s an acknowledged fact that money and success love speed. It’s kind of a rule in business and one that entrepreneurs ignore at their peril. As is often the case, not practising fast decision making can start early in life and is often a result of fear.

Look at any successful entrepreneur. You’ll find one of the things they have in common is that they’ve learned the power of fast decisions. They see an opportunity and go for it – fear be damned. Sometimes it’s the wrong decision (most successful people have made plenty of those) but eventually it’s a tactic that always pays off.

When I was thinking about this I went right back to my own childhood. My first passion in life was undoubtedly music. Born in 1964 I must have been absorbing some of the greatest music ever recorded: The Beatles, the Stones – all that amazing music that was created in 60’s and 70’s. I just wanted to be a guitarist in a band. I got a guitar when I was 12. My parents even got me guitar lessons. By the time the revolution that was punk came around I was easily good enough to start a band. But I didn’t.

Decisions We Didn’t Make

The irony is that I didn’t think I was yet good enough. This was in a time where anyone that knew 3 chords was starting a band. Many of those people have gone on to be household names having forged careers spanning decades. Not me though, I fell back on excuses and allowed fear to stop me.

I told myself I didn’t know any other local musicians. I didn’t want to be the local weirdo – when weirdo’s were dominating the charts! Actually I could easily have ventured out of the village and found plenty of soul mates to pursue my dream with. I was really bad at making quick decisions

Instead I went down the safe route. I got some qualifications and sheltered in the 9-5 world of business while honing my musical skills and getting older. I did achieve a small level of musical success much later and in the process met my life partner. But I know that if I’d harnessed the power of fast decisions in 1976 and just put myself out there, I probably could have made it. C’est la vie.

Much later after climbing corporate ladders I was a business development manager in the Audio Visual Industry. Then I got made redundant. That gave me the funds to start an internet business.  Again though, indecisiveness cost me a potentially great opportunity.

Learning The Power Of Fast Decisions

I’d come across a company selling franchised e-commerce web stores. They looked great and were in all sorts of niches. One of them was a guitar business. BY this time I was a fairly decent guitarist, had been on bands for years and knew a lot about the subject. But I dithered over the asking the price and someone else bought that store. A month or two later I did buy a store in a another niche (wine) but unlike the liquid itself found it not to my taste. If only I’d understood the value of fast decision making……

Since that first taste of internet business – not a success but nevertheless intoxicating I’ve learned a lot. Through the contacts I’d made in the process I was introduced to a world of opportunities. I found an entire industry based around the ethos of fast decision making. Now when I saw an opportunity that looked good I jumped in. Overall, despite some bad moves, this paid off. I found myself doing quite well. I still have the sports car to remind me of those days.

But this churn and burn side of the Internet business world is tiring. The motto of get in fast, make a bundle and get out isn’t really a solid, sustainable business.  Luckily there is far less of it around these days. It did however hammer home the idea of speed and why money loves it.

Money And Success Love Speed

If you’ve ever subscribed to any form of Internet business opportunity, training course or personal development programme you’ll be familiar with the process. Marketers of these things use urgency as a currency. They’ll launch a product at a limited time discounted price and bombard you with every tool in their armoury to get you to buy. Money loves speed.

Some of this stuff is crap unfortunately but some of it isn’t. I’ve come back to things over the years that I missed out on during their launch period. As a result I’ve paid more for them after waiting to see them prove themselves. Sadly there are no hard and fast rules here. Its about experience and you only get that by making fast decisions. You can however use due diligence, common sense and recommendations to help you make better fast decisions.

They help you by

  1. Grabbing limited opportunities while they exist
  2. Securing considerable discounts
  3. Getting ahead of the crowd
  4. Starting on a life changing journey you’d otherwise never take
  5. Building a success mindset
  6. Banishing your scarcity (fear based) default state

Learning How To Make Speedy Decisions

In recent years I’ve been a student of and affiliate partner with two incredible mentoring organisations. I’ve learned an awful lot about entrepreneurship, mindset and success principles through them. A lot of it I wish I’d learned sooner but that’s the way it goes. Things come to you when you are ready for them. Same goes for learning the power of fast decisions.

These organisations are Six Figure Mentors and Digital Expert’s academy founded by two early adopters of affiliate marketing. Both now 30 something multi millionaires these guys have created a community style platform for internet entrepreneurs. Their platform focuses as much on mindset – the power of fast decisions included – as it does on making money online.

They say that the company you keep is another crucial element of business success. I’ve found that to be true from being a part of this community. Mixing it with multi millionaires and people from all over the world on a similar journey is priceless. Being in their company at live events and through online learning has a powerful effect on you.

These guys are Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek. They’ve been changing lives for a decade now by transitioning individuals and businesses to the digital economy. You can meet them on the link below where you can subscribe to their free 7 day video series.