The Six Figure Mentors Programme In 2022

When I first met the Six Figure Mentors programme, it was a fairly simple proposition. It was Just what I was looking for in fact. It comprised of “proper” internet marketing training with a raft of tools and resources. Importantly for me it also offered a range of affiliate business partnerships. I’d been made redundant and needed to earn as I learned. Being 47 I didn’t really have the time for traditional full time further education. That was 7 years ago and a lot has changed.

The Six Figure Mentors programme is and has always been the membership part of the ever growing bigger picture. It’s also the gateway to co-founder Stuart Ross’s partnership with Jay Kubassek in their Digital Experts Academy. Again this was pretty simple to understand 7 years ago. You had 4 upgrade levels. Each provided higher levels of training, deeper access to group and one to one mentoring and ever increasing affiliate commissions. Basically you paid your money and you took your pick. 

Over the years though things have evolved. As the organisation and its member community grew so did the internal team and their ability to scale and diversify. A much bigger emphasis (until Covid 19 rained on eveyone’s parade) was put on live events. There were more of them, they were bigger and travelled further. These continued in virtual format during the lockdowns.

Beyond Affiliate Marketing

These events helped to introduce new curriculums like ImportXperts – a new e-commerce wing to the business. The Six figure mentors programme was now not just about affiliate marketing. It was becoming a far broader church closely pursuing a bigger mission: To create and empower digital age entrepreneurs and lifestyle freedom seekers. 

Fast forwarding to 2022 the Six Figure mentors programme now includes, Importxperts, Launch You, Linkedin learning and Digital Business Lounge. This is all still a moveable feast and a part of a highly ambitious roll out. I gather from the last founders webinar that the final destination is a holistic blend of all thats come before. More streamlined and hopefully a little less confusing for us old timers than it is now. Lets break everything down. 

The New Parts Of The Jigsaw

The basic Six Figure Mentors Programme is where all of the affiliate content resides. That includes training modules which get you set up with all the foundations: Websites, marketing materials, affilaite links and account details.

Mentors is the hub for everything else. Its where you access Digital Business Lounge, Advanvced trainings, and the community forums and any of your other accounts.

Digital Business Lounge is where you access any websites you have hosted there. It also holds a raft of resources such as media creation tools, tracking tools and plugins.

Importxperts as mentioned earlier, is an entirely separate entity dealing with Ecommerce – specifically importing physical goods to sell via Amazon fulfilment. It has its own trainers, events webinars and facilities in China to help mediate with suppliers.

Launch You is a essentially a complete rewire of the whole infrastructure. It’s where everyone joining will begin by the end of 2022. It is a start to finish training and mentorship programme designed to get a complete newbie set up with a profitable online business as quickly as possible. While you could argue that this was always been “what it said on the tin”, it takes advantage of technology that has been evolving faster than ever. 

Joining The Six Figure Mentors Programme Today

One these advantages is that things that were complex and tedious 2 years ago can be made cookie cutter simple now. With over 10 years of experience, feedback and data to analyse SFM’s founders and teams have been able to address and fix problems that weren’t technically possible before. This has to be a gradual and sometimes messy looking process but that’s evolution for you.

If you are joining this today – and if you are in any way serious about going digital you should – it’ll be a very streamlined journey.  There is a lot more hand holding than before for one thing. With so many directions to choose from much more time is now spent onboarding new members. You can decide how fast or how slow you want to take things and there are options for every budget. 

So while things have been changing and are still evolving (hopefully they always will) in the Six Figure Mentors programme the basics are the same: Learn practical, highly flexible digital skills with top line training and support and/or buy into a highly profitable internet business. Learn more by signing up for the free video workshop series on the link below.  

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