How To Do Great Referral Marketing

Great referral marketing a.k.a. affiliate marketing is at its best an almost casual process.  A good example of this happened to me last night when I bought a drone online after watching a video.  Drones were not actually the point of the video and certainly weren’t being promoted in it. If they had been then…

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Get The Modern Midas Touch

get the modern midas touch

The Midas touch in Greek mythology refers to King Midas who turned anything he touched into gold. Not as it turned out as great a talent as it seemed. But we can actually  come close to it in the digital economy without the drawbacks. Here’s how the online business model affiliate marketing can give you…

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How To Stop Selling And Start Telling

stop selling

Resisting The Urge To Sell It can be difficult for a seasoned salesperson to learn to stop selling but it’s got to be done – especially in the online world. Most of my old working life was spent in sales of one kind and another. I’ve been on plenty of sales courses, done the silly…

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Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners Checklist

Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners – 5 Things To Look for What are the best affiliate programs for beginners? If you’ve just discovered the affiliate marketing business model that’s probably what you are asking. I hope this will be of help to you. Your research so far will doubtless have led to more questions than…

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Is SFM A Scam? – Chalk v Cheese

Is SFM A Scam

Is SFM A Scam? – Judge For Yourself Is SFM a scam? Or in fact is – insert whatever you are researching as a possible internet business to get involved with – a scam, is a valid question. Judging by the number of views my video by the same title has received it’s a popular…

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Lifestyle Independence In The 21st Century

The New Lifestyle Independence The phrase lifestyle independence means different things to different people. For me it used to conjure up images of living off grid, growing your own vegetables and keeping chickens. That’s all changed in the last few years though. Now it means, working when and where you want, living where you want…

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The Internet Lifestyle

the internet lifestyle

Loving The Internet Lifestyle Talk about an advert for the internet lifestyle: I opened the curtains our bedroom this morning to one of those perfect days. The sun was shining on a flat calm sea (the first thing I see every morning I’m at home) and there was a little frost on the ground. It’s…

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The Best Time to Start A Business Is Now

Why Now Is The Best Time to Start A Business The best time to start a business? I’d say right now, today! – an online business that is. There has never been a time when it’s been easier to start taking control of your time, income and financial security. To say that now is the best…

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The Domino Effect In An Online Business

How The Domino Effect Works In An Online Business During His presentation at the SFM Momentum day in London recently Jay Kubassek used the example of the domino effect as in the video below. Original idea by Lorne Whitehead, American Journal of Physics, Vol. 51, page 182 (1983). Video by Stephen Morris. The Domino effect…

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Internet Affiliate Marketing Guide

internet affiliate marketing

Internet Affiliate Marketing – A Simple Proposition Internet affiliate marketing is simply the selling of other peoples products and services on the internet. As a place to start an online business it is second to none. More or less every big name online marketer started with internet affiliate marketing. Some go on to create their…

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