The Benefits of Mentors

The benefits of mentors are clear to me now. You know that feeling when you can see the massive possibilities of something but just cant figure out how to get there? It remains frustratingly out of your reach even though you see others getting there …. You can either persevere or give up. If you…

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Becoming A Driving Instructor – What Could Be Better?

Becoming A Driving Instructor V Starting An Online Business If you fancy starting a business you might be thinking about becoming a driving instructor. My partner is a very busy driving instructor and I’ve seen her journey from the start. I thought I’d share her experience and compare it to my own business as an…

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So You Hate Your Job

You Hate Your Job But Need An Escape Plan? If you hate your job you are part of a very large group of people. A Google search on that phrase brings up around half a billion results. It’s a situation I was in myself and for reasons you can probably relate to, stuck with it…

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Quitting Your Job To Start An Online Business

quitting your job

Quitting Your Job – Timing Is Everything   Quitting your job to start an online business or any business is a big step. I didn’t as it happens but I was laid off. In some ways I was lucky as that the decision was made for me. I’d seen it coming so had started building an…

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Getting An Online Business Started

getting an online business started

Is Getting An Online Business Started – Easy? Getting an online business started is, on paper at least, pretty easy. You bang up a website, find some affiliate products to sell and send traffic to it. Obviously as with any business you’ll research the market or markets you’re going for first to make sure there…

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The Best Business To Start ’19

best business to start

The Best Business To Start – 6 Key Ingredients What would be the best business to start right now, in the midst of a global recession? In a time where technology, automation and disruptive business models are changing our world at breakneck speed? I’d argue that a business that leverages all of that would be…

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Best Business Model Right Now

best business model

Best Business Model To Start With  I’d argue that the best business model for a start up in our current times has to be online affiliate marketing. In this post I’ll go through the reasons why I think it’s better than a franchise for those looking to buy rather than build a business from scratch.…

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Building An Internet Business Safely

building an internet business

The Best Foundation For Building An Internet Business The best foundation for building an internet business on depends a lot on your personal situation. The main thing you need to consider is how to retain an income while you do it. I’m part of a community of internet entrepreneurs and I know that there are…

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Finished At Fifty? Not a Chance!

Finished At Fifty? – Good Times For Baby Boomers Finished at fifty, actually – Fifty and f**ked? was an idea I had for a website last year. I decided not to go ahead with the original title for a number of obvious reasons. The F word associations with porn and potential problems with advertising being…

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What Does It Really Take To Run An Online Business?

online business from home

What it Really Takes To Start And Run An Online Business From Home? What does it take to run an online business from home is a question I feel qualified to answer. That’s because: A. I’m doing it and B. I’m part of a worldwide online business community and as such know a lot of…

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