SFM 90 Day Video Journey

SFM 90 day video journey  - links to sign up page fro free video series introducing SFMI’ve taken up a challenge recently –  The SFM 90 Day Video Journey. The challenge is to shoot and upload a video every day for 90 days. The gauntlet was thrown down by a fellow SFM member via a Facebook group. It has been taken up by quite a few of the SFM community.  This isn’t primarily for video marketing purposes so what’s the point? I hear you ask. Well, there a quite a few good reasons for it…

(Update 2019 – I’ve done this 3 times now)

The initial reason was simply to get people producing video content. It’s an area that a lot of people are not very comfortable with. The idea of filming yourself talking to camera is pretty daunting for some and definitely unfamiliar to most. There are no rules in the challenge aside from the unspoken ones covering basic decency.  Anyone that participates can upload whatever they want – a great intro to video marketing.

So far most people are talking about their SFM 90 day video journey towards living their ideal lifestyles via their new digital businesses. They discuss the challenges, rewards and feeling they are experiencing. It’s definitely deconstructing comfort zones and providing some surprise benefits as more and more SFMers get involved.

Learning Video Marketing In An Online Group

One big plus for me is that I’m getting to meet people (albeit on video) that I’ve known for a while through Facebook and forum chats or have met briefly at events. It’s a great way to connect since it’s via a Facebook group and we can interact and discuss the video content. It could actually be a superb teaching tool.

For those who have been involved for longer you can definitely see them getting more comfortable on camera – more natural and confident. This is a valuable part of the exercise too as it’s like looking in a mirror. You possibly wouldn’t talk to your own reflection for 4-5 minutes in a mirror but the result is the same. By watching your own marketing videos you can be your own critic.

Leveraging the Challenge For Video Marketing

In terms of video marketing I ‘m not personally uploading all of my videos to my youtube channel. I doubt whether anyone outside of our circle would want to sit through 90 short videos. I am tailoring some of them to work in our group and as well as being stand alone video marketing content. The bulk of them go straight from the Mac to Facebook.

For my video today I think I’ll summarise what I’ve said here. The 90 day challenge is a great exercise for these reasons: It gets people out of their comfort zones and into video marketing. It strengthens our entrepreneurial community and leads to members interacting and supporting each other. It’s a great training, mentoring/teaching method. It’s a great for building discipline (keeping to a schedule) and perhaps most importantly – it’s fun.

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SFM 90 day video journey - links to subscription page for free video series introducing SFM