Alternatives to the 9-5 For Creative People

alternatives to the 9-5

Creative Alternatives to the 9-5 LIfestyle

alternatives to the 9-5Alternatives to the 9-5 are much sought after by creative types. Whether they are musicians, painters or writers, the big problem is finding the time and money to pursue their creative endeavours. Traditionally that has meant a day job. Unfortunately that usually means sacrificing the art for the money. So what better alternatives to the 9-5 are there?

The other dilemma faced by creative people is getting their work seen, heard or read. That means having the ability and resources to promote themselves and their work. That used to be a full time job in itself, again detracting from the work itself.

As a one time semi-pro musician, I well remember having to fit rehearsals, concerts, travel arrangements, song writing and promotion around a full time job. It was a nightmare. In the end the job won. But today – just a few years later – things would have been very different.

“If I knew then what I know now”

Modern Alternatives To The 9-5

alternatives to the 9-5We now live in amazing times. Technology has provided lots of ways to both promote to a wider audience and to find alternatives to the 9-5 for putting bread on the table. When I say technology I mean specifically the Internet. That has opened so many doors and offers realistic alternatives to the 9-5 lifestyle for everyone.

The Internet enables us to communicate with the world on a level that is quite incredible. It’s where we all look for things first. It’s where we look for music, information, art, goods services and education. More importantly it’s where we buy things now.

This means that as a creative person you have huge resources for self-promotion and to sell your work. It also provides the opportunity to sell pretty much anything you like online.   Even better you can automate a lot of the actual process without having to be in a specific place at a specific time.

As an alternative to the 9-5 model where you basically exchange time for money this is hard to beat. Not only can you build your profile and sell your masterpieces online, you can earn income by selling other peoples goods, and services through affiliate marketing.

Being a creative person you would probably want to sell products that relate to your own area of creativity – easy. A musician for example could sell, music courses, online lessons and musical instruments. It’s easy to find the products and earn commission by selling them on your websites.

Tools For Creating 9-5 Alternatives  

All you need are some new skills and some marketing tools to do this. Yes there is a learning a curve and it does take some time. Once you have the systems in place and know what you’re doing though it takes less and less time. It’s a rinse and repeat situation.

In my search for alternatives to the 9-5 I found everything I needed to generate multiple online income streams in one place. A company called Six Figure Mentors.

They provided me with a number of things: Knowledge and training, replicable digital business systems and the means to easily build the websites and other pieces of the puzzle that you need to generate income on the Internet.

Now I not only promote their system and education platform, I have also been able to create several online niche businesses. I’ve also found that the process itself satisfies a lot of my creative needs. I’m a musician, photographer and writer and I can use all of those skills in my online businesses too.

If you are a creative person looking for real alternatives to the 9-5 then I would heartily recommend you check this out for yourself.

The SFM platform is introduced by means of a free 7-day video series emailed email to you on request. All you need to do is to click on the image below and tell them where to send the videos. It’s been a life changer for me and could be for you.

alternatives to the 9-5

By Dave Menzies