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time, location and financial freedom

Time, Location And Financial Freedom Today

time, location and financial freedomCreating a lifestyle of time, location and financial freedom might seem like a tall order. In a 9-5 or a with a traditional business you don’t have any of those. A lot of your time goes on getting to and from then at your place of work. You probably work reasonably close to home for practical reasons and are therefore limited in location choices. With a 9-5 job or a traditional business you are exchanging time for money. Other people decide what your time is worth. Yes a 9-5 or a traditional business can be financially rewarding but what good is money without time to spend it?

The truth is that there are very real alternatives to those, frankly dated models. We live in a time where opportunities to create time, location and financial freedom abound. The very tools that we take for granted – primarily the Internet – offer lifestyle choices we just didn’t have until fairly recently.

As a 50 something baby boomer I’ve seen the internet economy grow from nothing to all consuming in a remarkably short space of time. I sometimes wish I’d been born 20 years later: I’d have been able to take advantage of what we have now much sooner. I wouldn’t have spent 30 odd years working 9-5, climbing career ladders and all the rest of it.

Digital Darwinism

time, location and financial freedomNow I’m something of a evangelist for the digital economy. I’ve embraced it fully and it has given me time, location and financial freedom. I want to help others wake up to the possibilities all this technology provides. To me it’s like a form of evolution that we can willingly take part in. As a species our natural evolution has been painfully slow. The technical or digital revolution on the other hand has been breathtakingly fast.

Charles Darwin famously said: “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change”. 158 Years later that is truer than ever. You can either adapt and re-skill for the modern world or bury your head in the sand and hope it all goes away (it won’t). The first will offer you time, location and financial freedom, the second will offer you increasingly less of all three.



You might expect a post like this to now suggest you start an Internet business and start working from the beach tomorrow afternoon. That’s certainly a solid idea (aside from the timescale part) but is only a small part of the big digital picture. Re-skilling for the digital economy presents way more options than that.

The Time, Location And Financial Freedom Rewards

A global 24/7/365 business that can be set up quickly and comparatively inexpensively, run from anywhere with little more than a laptop and largely automated is key to time, location and financial freedom. But with technology changing the world as we know it as fast as it is doing, a lot of people will struggle. We need leadership. And that’s big business.

If you gain the skills – the currency – of the digital economy you are a leader. You can create Internet businesses in thousands of niches. You can help individuals and businesses to adapt and thrive. If you can learn how to be a person of huge value in the digital economy and get rewarded accordingly in time, location and financial freedom.

I’d like to introduce an organisation determined to fill the widely acknowledged digital skills gap that exists today. They provide cutting edge education, business partnerships and leadership development for the digital world. Get their free introductory video series by clicking the image below.


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