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DEA Silver Goes E-Commerce

dea silverDEA silver, the Digital Experts Academy’s first level just got a whole lot better. They recently announced a brand new training course to the Silver curriculum, which is all about e-commerce. This is a new area for DEA. This product will be available both as a training course and a high commission affiliate product at DEA Silver level and above in early 2017.

SFM and DEA co-founder Stuart Ross held a two-day event in London earlier this year to introduce DEA silver level members to Import Xperts – the new e-commerce platform. At the event he introduced strategic partner Lewis Wade. Lewis has been a successful e-commerce entrepreneur, trainer and consultant since 2005. The recorded event is now available to DEA Silver members.

Introducing Import Experts

dea silverThe Import Experts course deals with importing goods from China and selling them via FBA (Amazon), Ebay and Shopify. I just watched the 2-day course and having some experience with  FBA, was blown away by it. Anyone who is serious about selling physical products online needs to check this out when it becomes available.

There are a lot of e-commerce training courses out there already. Lewis Wade is very outspoken about how bad many of them are. The mass of information and actual contacts he provides over the two days certainly opened my eyes. Referring to case studies from his own business he covered the entire process of sourcing goods from China. He also covers getting them to the UK by air or sea and selling them on multiple online platforms.

He also goes into a lot of detail about Chinese manufacturers, the benefits of using agents and the many, many potential pitfalls that few other “experts” cover. There is no way I can cover all of it in this post but suffice to say it easily meets the high standards that anything, SFM and DEA get behind.

DEA Silver – The Bigger Picture

Digital Experts Academy SilverI’d go as far as to say that this course alone would be worth the cost of a DEA Silver partnership. It is however only one part of a much bigger story. Lets look at what else is included in the starter level of the DEA’s suite of partner levels.

Co-founders Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek designed DEA Silver as a training curriculum suitable for individuals who want to become self-sufficient in the online space. Be that as affiliate marketers, local business consultants or digital advertising agents. It also offers re-seller rights for SFM and DEA’s basic, Elite+ and Silver products. These pay affiliate commissions ranging from $20 to $1000.

The new Import Xperts initiative now offers DEA Silver partners another avenue to create digital income from. E-commerce is perhaps easier to understand than affiliate marketing especially on platforms like FBA. Some Silver members will want to use this to set up e-commerce businesses, others will simply promote it as another affiliate product paying high commissions. Others will do both.

Importing From China – A Big Advantage

DEA Silver

Yiwu International Trade City

As I mentioned before, I have dabbled in e-commerce via FBA. Myself and some associates got as far as choosing products. We sourced them via Chinese manufactures, got them PLR branded and shipped them to Amazon warehouses. Sadly for various reasons, that’s where they stayed. The whole process was interesting, exciting and not very difficult. There were, however many things we didn’t consider. All of those are minutely covered in the Import Xperts material. I’m seriously considering getting back into this now.

Stuart Ross is so confident about this course that he has already launched a challenge to DEA Silver members who want to jump right in. It involves following the training, choosing a product and getting it online by Black Friday – Cyber Monday (25th – 28th November). The prize for the individual who sells the most of their chosen product by then gets an all expenses trip to China.

Accompanied by Stuart, Lewis and some of the DEA team, they will tour the secret manufacturing district where Lewis sources most of his products. Footage of this is already in the 2-day workshop video and is mind warping! They will also meet with his key contacts and will be part of a documentary filmed during the visit. This will form part of the marketing material for the Import Xperts curriculum. Wow.

At present access to DEA Silver is via an SFM membership. For a lot more detail on them grab their free 7-day video series on the link below.

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