Digital Marketing Training with James and Kerry

Digital marketing training

Dave Menzies

Yesterday I spent a day with my colleagues and friends James and Kerry. We were having a bit of a brainstorm or masterminding session.

I wanted to talk about this because it’s a great way to demonstrate how the Six Figure mentors and Digital experts Academy really works. You see this is not just the best digital marketing training you will find anywhere. It is also a fantastic community of like minded individuals. For a wide range of reasons we want to change our lives.

Kerry gave the example of isolated housewives in the Australian outback. This highlights the opportunity an online home business represents to people with otherwise limited options. They may be isolated but they have the internet.

Learning how to run an online home business

The one uniting factor is that we have all realised is that learning how to run an online home business properly is probably the best thing you can do in this day and age. By leveraging the Internet and learning the right way to do things – the way that our SFM/DEA mentors have demonstrated – it is possible to create complete financial independence and a fabulous lifestyle.

It’s not really about making a pile of cash – although that is one of the objectives (its not called The SIX figure mentors for nothing). This is more about freedom. It’s also about helping others to find that freedom.

There has never been a better time to start an online business than now. It is possible for more or less anyone that is prepared to learn and put the work in. We are talking about education here. Real skill sets that can set you up for life in today’s digital economy. Skill sets that are not being taught in colleges or Universities.

Digital marketing training = Skill sets

The digital marketing training that is on offer here coupled with a unique business opportunity is probably nothing like you might be imagining. Type “making money online” into a search engine and you will find thousands of results that tell you how easy it is to make a ton of cash overnight. You can’t. You absolutely can make a ton of money eventually however if you learn the right way to do business online.

People are savvy these days. The Internet is a big part of most of our lives and we have got wise to the get rich quick fraternity. We want to buy from people we know like and trust. People like James and Kerry – real people with real stories.

People are miss-trusting of the making money online brigade

The power of the SFM community lies in how we work as individuals and as a team supporting each other in our journeys. We pass on the skills we learn to the people joining under us. This is not just a way to make money and to create good lives. It’s a way to provide opportunity to countless people. Kerry’s example of the Australian outback wives being a case in point.

If you want to start an online home business then get the foundations in place. That starts with solid digital marketing training from the best in the field. Be part of a mentoring community. Avoid anonymous marketers interested only in emptying your wallet and moving on.  In short start by watching a complimentary series of videos. These explain why myself, James and Kerry and thousands of others reckon The Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy are where you should be.

digital marketing training