How To Escape The Brexit Stranglehold

how to escape the Brexit stranglehold :Image is of the EU flag - a ring of gold stars on a blue background, A finger reaches to press a pause button in the centre
How to unpause your life from Brexit

Don’t you wish you could escape the Brexit stranglehold as it continues here in the UK? Nearly 4 years after the country voted to leave the EU it still hasn’t happened. No matter, which way you voted, (if you did) I think we can agree on one thing: Most of us feel like our lives are on hold until there is an outcome. It’s like being caught in a stranglehold – unable to move in any direction or catch a breath.

The irony of this, as we head for yet another recession, is that we don’t need to be waiting for the Brexit debacle to be resolved. There is a thriving economy out there, which will be largely unaffected by a deal or no deal Brexit: The Internet or digital economy.

Let’s be honest, what this whole bizarre period in history has highlighted is a lack of clear leadership. On the one side we have some politicians, economists and business experts forecasting doom and gloom. On the other hand an equal number are predicting the opposite. Who do we believe?  

An Abundance Of Escape Routes

In this climate of uncertainty people are unwilling to start businesses. Existing businesses are cutting back on investment and expansion. The result – as always in the traditional economy – is recession and austerity. They seem to come in regular waves. Haven’t we had enough of that?

As always, whatever the crisis, the way out – the way to escape the brexit stranglehold – is through new thinking, new ideas and new business models. Luckily we are living in a time where those are in abundance. We just need to know what they are and how to leverage them.

If nothing else its clear that we need to be looking after ourselves. We need to completely revise our own economy. That’s actually happening now and has been for some years. If you want to escape from brexit  and move forward the Internet can be your method.

Lets look at a typical Internet business and lean how its able to escape the Brexit stranglehold.

One Way ToEscape The Brexit Stranglehold

Solo entrepreneurs or small teams run most Internet businesses. They don’t need fancy premises – most are run from home. They don’t need to invest in specialist equipment to commute or to employ. There is no need to store, ship or manage product and they can be based anywhere. They sell to a global market that never sleeps and can be automated to a high degree.

This type of business is largely immune to trade deals, shipping rules and borders. Low running costs and scalability pretty much compensate for any effects changes to these things have. An Internet business selling digital products like training courses, apps and software isn’t affected directly by them at all.

There are two main Internet business models: Affiliate marketing and E-commerce. In the first you sell other people’s products for commission. You can build an affiliate business around physical or virtual products. E-commerce deals with physical products. You either have your own or you source them from manufacturers and wholesalers. By using platforms like Amazon to do all the heavy lifting for you a huge e-commerce business can be built.

But this brings us to the other problem with the traditional (Titanic) economy: It’s years behind.

Business Models That Are Immune To Brexit

As the digital economy rapidly replaces traditional business models and jobs a skills gap has grown wide. The Internet is still relatively young.  Few predicted just how quickly and broadly it would change the way we do almost everything. As a result traditional education and business has been slow to adapt.

We’ve watched from the sidelines as the Internet disrupted our comfy, job for life thinking.  We watched Google, Facebook and Amazon go from novelties to the biggest businesses in the world.

We watched Uber – who own no vehicles go from nothing to the biggest private transport network in the world. Who hasn’t stayed in an AirbnB? They are now one of the world’s biggest accommodation providers without owning a single property. Netflix and other entertainment apps are the biggest in that field without a single cinema. These are basically all just ideas that take advantage of the Internet economy.

So how can you use all this amazing stuff to escape the Brexit stranglehold and the next recession?   

It’s Easier Than You Might Think

It’s easier than you might think. You start by learning about the new business models I mentioned earlier. Not from a traditional college or University but from the people who are thriving in the digital world. You learn from the new breed of entrepreneur educators and mentors.

Stuart Ross co-founded SFM and DEA nearly 10 years ago and has helped thousands of students transition to the Internet economy. He has built multiple 6, 7 and 8 figure online businesses and now travels the world sharing his knowledge and practical systems.

His new 3 part video workshop is completely free and you can register for it on the link below. Stuart’s workshops go deep into affiliate marketing and e-commerce. You’ll learn exactly how to start businesses with these models quickly and meet many of his successful students along the way. You’ll see him source physical products and sell them through Amazon. He’ll show you how to start from scratch, earn your first $10k online and scale from there.

This is “from the trenches” training delivered by an 8 figure business owner who lives in the real world. There’s no get rich quick, super hyped tricks or “secrets” just an inspiring series of workshops you can watch in your own time. They could very well be life changing. If nothing else they will show you how to escape from the brexit stranglehold.