Learning How To Thrive In The Digital Age

learning to thrive in the digital age

Resistance Is Futile

Learning How To Thrive In The Digital AgeLearning how to thrive in the digital age is a must. Not just because resistance is basically futile, but because, like all things digital it just makes for an easier and in many ways better life. Up until fairly recently you could safely assume that the world you were born into would look about the same when you died. Not so anymore when computer-processing speeds are doubling every 18 months. Futurist Ray Kursweil claims that the 21st century will experience not 100 years of progress but more like 20,000 years (at the present rate) – from an article by Big Think

This means that learning how to thrive in the digital age is not just for the early adopters and tech lovers but for all of us. Put it this way: Could you function without your smartphone these days? Would you – even if you could – want to go back to a film camera or a tape player? Didn’t think so.

But the same sort of technology that has made a lot of our old technology redundant is now coming for your job or your business. It’s kind of irrelevant whether or not you think this is a good thing or a bad thing: Resistance is futile.  The good news is that, like your smartphone and your Ipad learning how to thrive in the digital age makes life simpler, more time rich and more convenient.

Start Learning How To Thrive In The Digital Age

We walk around with technology in our pockets that used take up half a building. Technology that connects us to most of the world – from anywhere we happen to be. When you fully grasp the scale of opportunity that opens up – to create businesses offering more location and time freedom that we could have dreamed of 20 years ago – you will want in! Learning how to thrive in the digital age goes from being a chore to a joy.

Schools, colleges and Universities are way behind on the entrepreneurial aspects of all this technology. The fact is that most of us will have to become more entrepreneurial as A.I, automation and yes – robots – replace jobs, careers and industries we once thought of as secure – there for life. Just look at the disruption to traditional business models that the likes of Airbnb, Amazon and Uber have wreaked.

The savvy entrepreneur these days can run a Global 8 figure business from anywhere with little more than a laptop. There’s no need to actually create, own or store your own products and a large part of the business can be automated. This makes the notion of a 9-5 schedule or a permanent physical location look a lot like my old Zenith 35mm camera!

Learning How To Thrive In The Digital Age

Where To Start Learning How To Thrive In The Digital Age

One of the organisations at the forefront of teaching how to thrive in the digital age is Digital Experts Academy. Their strapline and brand Wake Up says it all. DEA and partner organisation SFM are helping thousands of individuals and businesses transition to the digital economy. They provide “from the trenches” education, mentoring, training and business systems. You can even build a highly profitable business as an affiliate partner simply by helping them to spread the Wake up message. If you are keen to start learning how to thrive in the digital age as you really should be, they are well worth checking out. Click on the link below to sign up for their free introductory video series.


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