Online Business Mentoring Programs – Why, Which, How?

online business mentoring programs

Best Online Business Mentoring Programs


online business mentoring programs

Online business mentoring programs i.e. mentoring programs geared specifically towards building an internet business – come in all shapes and sizes. Very few however aim at offering a complete one-stop shop package: Mentoring, training, tools, resources and products to sell. One company however does and they are called Six Figure Mentors.

Why are online business mentoring programs even necessary you might ask. Any successful entrepreneur online or offline will tell you that they benefitted from mentorship of one kind or another. Starting and running a business is not easy.

Doing it entirely online, usually on your own, adds a couple of additional mindset challenges. An online business mentoring program – benefitting from the experiences of people who are where you want to be in other words, helps in lots of ways. From the practical, nuts and bolts stuff to the arguably more important mindset stuff, mentors are an essential part of the mix.

Why All Online business Mentoring Programs Are Not Equal

online business mentoring programsThe Six Figures Mentor’s approach is unique in my experience. Over the last 5 years Co-founders Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek have built a world class mentoring team. Successful online entrepreneurs themselves, they provide members with go-to mentorship of every kind. Delivery is via live and recorded webinars,one to one Skype calls and regular physical events.

SFM and partner company DEA’s range of online business mentoring programs offer as little as much support as you need. The platform is built on a community basis so there is a strong peer to peer element too. Members of SFM and DEA are never far from a friendly face, support chat or motivational pick up no matter where in the world they happen to be.

Since the opportunities offered by the digital economy are very wide, SFM adds to its roster of trainers and mentors regularly. As an example, an E-commerce training and mentorship course has just been added. Delivered by mega successful e-commerce expert Lewis Wade this is available both as a course and/or an additional affiliate product (more on that later)


Can Too Many Mentors Spoil The Broth?

online business mentoring programs

SFM’s “stable” of expert mentors and coaches now covers: Internet marketing, adverting, social media, mindset, meditation, fitness and health, e-commerce. Every new addition comes after a close study of what is currently on the market and aims to offer 10X the value elsewhere.

As I mentioned SF and DEA don’t just offer online business mentoring programs. They also offered a tiered range of affiliate business partnerships. These are a little like a franchise but far less restrictive. Basically they allow you choose a partnership that suits your budget and goals.

In effect you can choose to build a very lucrative SFM and DEA business as well as benefiting from their mentorship, training and digital business systems. Cost wise this option is far cheaper than any franchise offering similar income potential (and there are very few that do)

An old the saying goes – “You cant put a price on Knowledge”. Knowledge is really what online business mentoring programs offer. Get more information on SFM and DEA with their complimentary 7-day video series on the link below.


online business mentoring programs