Replacing A Six-Figure Income Online

Replace or Get a 6-Figure Income Online

Replacing a six-figure income online might seem like a tall order but it’s really just a matter of education. When you think about, it was probably education that got you where you are now and its what will get you where you want to go next. It’s just a different kind of education – one more tailored to our modern world and it’s frankly incredible possibilities.

Replacing A six-figure income online

The 10 For 10 Mastermind At Casa Kuba

I’ve just come back from a 2-day mastermind with some of the most successful internet entrepreneurs on the planet. I was one of 10 invited guests all of whom have left or are hoping to leave successful but stressful careers or businesses in favour of the internet lifestyle. Here’s why and how we have done or are doing it.

First of all the why. Most of the many people I now know who are serious about replacing a six-figure income online – or increasing it to 7 or even 8 figures – are looking for more of the one thing that is finite – time. The sacrifices made climbing corporate ladders or building traditional businesses can as I’m sure you know, be pretty extreme.

Replacing A Six-Figure Income Online – Why?

replacing a six-figure income onlineThe biggest sacrifice of all is time freedom. In the old world (the one before the internet changed everything) you exchanged your time for money: Want more money? Take on more responsibility and give up more of your time. This usually means missing out on genuinely precious time with family and loved ones. Lets face you’ll never get that back. Things like travel, passions and health can also take a back seat. Its ironic – you have the money but no time to really enjoy it.

The Internet on the other hand offers the unique possibility of escaping from this exchange of time for money. When you leverage the systems, automation and advertising possibilities that modern Internet marketing operates through, it really doesn’t matter when you do the work. Replacing a six-figure income online, when you learn how it all fits together, is really not very difficult.

Lets face it, you invested both time and money in getting where you are today: You went to college or Uni, took vocational courses, maybe went to night school. You will have had mentors along the way. Chances are you didn’t think twice about it because you knew that was the path to success. Replacing a six-figure income online will take more of the same. You won’t find this education at college or Uni however.

Education Got You Here And It Will Get You There

You need to go to source – the people who have done it. The people who have mastered Internet marketing and can show you how to leverage online business models like affiliate marketing. Actual “in the trenches” digital entrepreneurs who can teach you how to advertise profitably on platforms like Youtube, Facebook and hundreds of others.

The Internet offers a global marketplace of billions. You can reach them from anywhere you can hook up your laptop to the Internet. You can reach them 24/7/365 whether you are awake, asleep, on holiday or spending your precious time in any way you see fit. It’s the place where any ambitious person who wants to create a lifestyle of financial and time abundance should be.

If you are prepared to re focus the qualities that got you where you are today, learn some new skills and put them into practice, replacing your six-figure income online is very doable.

Replacing A Six Figure Income Online – Mentors, Systems And Leverage

At the top of this post I mentioned an event I attended recently. This was in the New Jersey home and HQ of Jay Kubassek. Jay is co-founder of the appropriately named Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy. He and business partner Stuart Ross launched both organisations some 5 years ago following years of highly successful Internet entrepreneurship. They have gone on to provide bespoke training, mentoring and digital systems platforms designed to transition individuals and businesses to the new digital economy.

If you are looking for a solid way to replace a six-figure income online or would like to build one – even with no previous Internet or business experience – these are the guys to learn from. Subscribe to their complimentary video training series below to learn more.


replacing a six-figure income online