SFM and DEA Platform


SFM and DEA – Taking The Guesswork Out 

SFM and DEAThe SFM and DEA platform is pretty unique. Its founders realised that most people who like the idea of running an online business from home don’t really know what they need to do it. They will probably have some pre-conceived notions about websites being difficult and expensive to create. They may also believe that they’ll either need to be computer whizz kids themselves or that they’ll need to employ one at great cost.

When they go online to research the subject they find a bewildering barrage of information. They subscribe to a ton of different blogs and sites. Soon their email inboxes are stuffed and they are overwhelmed with “must have” solutions and messages. The overall impression this leaves is that to be successful they’ll need to be experts. Experts at Copywriting, website building, marketing, graphic design, video editing and all the other pieces of the jigsaw.

If this is you – read on….

The SFM and DEA Platform Demystifying The Online BusinessProcess 

SFM and DEAThe truth is that it doesn’t have to be that way. Selling goods, services and information online is actually a simple (though not easy) process. Once its understood it can be rinsed and repeated ad infinitum. One organisation that has taken the pain out of the journey is Six Figure Mentors (SFM).

It’s genuinely difficult to “sum up” what you get with the SFM and DEA platform but as I’m often asked to do that – I’ll try ..

SFM and Associate Company Digital Experts Academy (DEA) are first and foremost a digital education platform. It’s for existing entrepreneurs keen to leverage modern business skills. Equally it’s for those who want to learn to be modern, digital (internet) entrepreneurs from scratch.

They also provide lucrative partnership opportunities for those are looking for a ready made, franchise-like, online business.

We can divide this into two main areas:

SFM and DEA Tools And Systems And Training.

Tools and Systems:

The platform is based on over 10 years of experience in building multiple 6, 7 and 8 figure online businesses across numerous niches. The SFM/DEA business system has been built to provide the internet entrepreneur with all of the required tools to create cut n paste functionality in an easy to follow, simplified way.

These include:

Website creation. From full, authority websites to simple, professional looking landing and lead capture pages. All of these integrate with third party  email marketing systems with push button simplicity. This makes the essential process of list building very simple. And don’t be fooled into thinking you need to pay a web designer to do this. Don’t imagine you’ll need to learn complicated programming to do it yourself. With this set up you’ll be creating quality websites in half an hour. As an SFM affiliate you’ll even get a pre-made authority site that you can customise at your leisure. More on that later.

Blogging platforms. Members can use the SFM/DEA’s Digital bloggers platform to build online real estate in addition to creating custom blog sites.

Video and Link shortening/customisation tools.

Professional Graphics creation tools that enable anyone to produce top quality graphics for content creation in minutes.

All with easy to follow, step, by step video training.

Leverage Powerful Tools

SFM and DEA affiliate partners are provided with a host of additional marketing tools. Those tools allow them to leverage videos, sales letters and landing pages created by the founders. They have used the best copywriters, designers and SEO experts available. They are also provided with multiple income streams via exclusive reseller rights to a raft of retail digital marketing products.

There are 4 partnership levels possible which take you from basic foundation level skills to advanced expert digital marketer. You choose based on your ambition and business/lifestyle goals. These are sales partnerships offering commissions of between $1000 and $8000 per sale.


Even with the best systems, tools and resources in place, success online depends on successful marketing. That’s true as an affiliate (selling other peoples products and services) or if you sell your own products.

SFM and DEA platform and their expert partners provide state of the moment marketing training via recorded webinars and videos. They also offer one to one mentoring. Members can attend live workshops and events and access their wider business community forums and groups.

The organisation is at the forefront of digital marketing and adapts quickly to the ever changing online marketing landscape. This means they are teaching what is working now. Not what worked last week, last month or last year.

All areas of digital marketing are covered within the training modules. Blogging, Social media marketing, Video marketing, Pay Per Click advertising are covered. There is training on re-targeting, SEO, solo advertising, content creation and curation, attraction marketing, research techniques and more.

SFM and DEA are committed to 10 and 25 year plans and to forming strategic partnerships with digital skills providers like Grovo. They are self funded and debt free.

You can hopefully from the above see why this is a difficult organisation to nutshell.

Everything You Need and Nothing You Don’t

Underlying all the practical stuff is the equally important theme of self development and mindset. This is possibly the most important aspect of the entrepreneurial life. SFM and DEA platform provides this in abundance. This is further enhanced by the community style model the organisation favours.

There is something here for everyone. From the complete newbie to the advanced marketer looking for additional high value products to add to their portfolio.

Everything has been designed to be accessible to all skill levels. All of the barriers have been removed. Anyone with the minimum of technical or computer skills can leverage the platform.

The co-founders of SFM and DEA Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek often describe what they’ve built as “ Everything we wish we’d had when we got started”. It’s certainly worked for them!

Click on the image below to watch Stuart Ross outline his 5 steps to online success and get a free 7- day video series from SFM and DEA.