SFM Founder’s Webinar 2.16

SFM founders webinar

SFM Founder’s Webinar – Momentum On Steroids

SFM founder's webinarThe SFM founder’s webinar for February was a barn stormer. It Followed on from January’s biggest ever Momentum day in London. The company’s founders continued to reveal their big picture at the event. It’s actually a very big picture. It’s fair to say this is a movement rather than just A. N. other digital education and internet business platform. Each SFM Founder’s webinar attracts a bigger worldwide audience and reveals more. No where I’d rather be on the first Thursday of the month.

If you haven’t been a part of this company and movement for some time it’s hard to appreciate where they’ve gone in just a few years. If you have, as I have, you’ve seen a steady progression towards a truly huge goal. Its a goal that I have no doubt they (we) will achieve. I’ll try to do it justice however.

SFM and DEA started off as a platform to help individuals leverage the rapid growth of the digital economy. The founders Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek put together a training and digital business system. They designed it to offer a turnkey platform for individuals to create internet businesses.

The Affiliate Advantage

Using the same methods they used to build 6, 7 and 8 figure online businesses, their community style set up offered two main things. First a system that could provide you with all of the tools, resources and training to create online affiliate businesses in a any niche. Second an opportunity to become an affiliate of theirs. In other words, an earn as you learn business in a box. This is similar to a franchise but in most ways a far better investment.

But this was only the start of a very big picture. They chose the affiliate model and decided to pay very high commissions. This meant they could harness the individual skills, talents and experience of a huge cross section of the populace. That enabled them to spread their message very wide. In fact they were offered (and turned down) a very lucrative venture capital offer early on. Both preferred to remain independent, debt free and true to their vision and values.

In actual fact the end goal is aligned with the rapidly growing digital skills gap. A gap created by the exponential growth of technology and A.I. It’s now widely recognised that many, many skilled, semi, and professional jobs will be replaced over the next few years. SFM and DEA aim to fill this gap. In so doing they will equip thousands or even millions with the skills not just to survive but to thrive in a tech led economy. Told you this was a very big picture.

Humans Need Not Apply? 

SFM Founder's webinarOn the SFM founder’s webinar last week, Jay Kubassek shared a video.  He also showed it at the live Momentum day event in January. Titled “Humans need not apply” (check it out on Youtube) It charts the rise of artificial intelligence so far and how it’s likely to look in 5, 10 years and beyond.

Its both scary and exciting. Its scary terms of how much of our world has already been disrupted by technologies like A.I and how much more it’s going to be. Exciting in the terms of the opportunities this will actually create for those who are prepared for it – if they start NOW.

The DEA’s aim is to both create and nurture the types of expertise that will capitalise on what’s coming. We’re talking diverse expertise here: Digital businesses of every imaginable kind based around digital education.

The Very Bright Side

The very bright side of all this is that we are moving towards a society where entrepreneurialism and creativity will be key. We can already build digital businesses around our passions and interests – we can, with the right skills – make a living out of anything we want to. That is truly exciting – way beyond what baby boomers like me could ever have imagined. It’s beyond science fiction.

SFM founder's webinar

As Jay said in the recent SFM founder’s webinar, the smart move in this situation is to align yourself with the people who are thinking ahead: The people who are driving the bandwagon – not the ones who are jumping on it. DEA in other words.

On The SFM Founder’s webinar, orientation calls and live events Jay Kubassek often refers to Uber – now the fastest growing private transport network in the world who own no taxis. Air BnB – the world’s biggest accommodation network who own no property and who don’t do any bookings. Both are apps. Netflix – the world biggest movie house who own no cinemas.

Why Chase The Bandwagon When You Could be Driving It? 

Very soon if you are part of the movement that DEA is becoming you will be able to earn income from numerous streams. You’ll be part of a vast, global network of experts earning from your particular expertises and also reselling a raft of education products, memberships, mentoring and coaching programmes. Bear in mind that there is a serious digital skills gap, which is rapidly widening.

On the SFM founder’s webinar Stuart Ross quoted from a recent survey that revealed currently some $13million is spent per hour on e learning products…So It’s the industry to be in. One that is set to become bigger than oil and gas.

For now getting involved in this starts with a risk free application to join SFM. You then have a 30 day period to look over their business system, set up and further possibilities and to catch an SFM founder’s webinar or two. You can however learn a lot more by subscribing for their free 7-day video series. Do that by clicking the banner below.

sfm founder's webinar