The Best Skills To Invest In Now

What Are The Best Skills To Invest In Right Now?

best skills to invest inThe best skills to invest in – to acquire – at any given time are always those that are most in demand. Should you aim for a very specific, skills in a specific niche though, or a broader, transferable set of skills for the best ROI? I’d argue that in our current, digital economy the latter wins hands down.

I would suggest that the best skills to invest in now and for the foreseeable future are in Internet marketing.

It doesn’t take a genius to see how much the Internet has changed pretty much everything. For one thing it has brought the possibility of starting a business – a global business – to most of us.

For another, the Internet is not going anywhere soon. On the contrary it’s growing by the second. It will continue to threaten and disrupt traditional ways of doing things. That means more jobs and businesses will be replaced over the next few decades. Doesn’t it then make sense to get the skills to take advantage of all this, rather than be sidelined by it?

The Best Skills To Invest In For Today, Tomorrow And The Next Few Decades

best skills to invest in

Very Big Business

Armed with little more than a laptop and an Internet connection, a new breed of entrepreneurs are taking full advantage of this Digital Gold rush. Using new business models like affiliate marketing and e-commerce they are leveraging a global, 24/7/365 marketplace. Working from wherever they want to for an hour or two per day or less, they will never be affected by recession, competition or redundancy. It’s the place to be.

There are several good reasons that I believe Internet marketing skills are the best skills to invest in.

  1. They are transferable from one product or service to another, from one marketplace to another.
  2. Internet marketing is a people skill. Whether its practiced on social media, advertising platforms, the approach and discipline are the same.
  3. It allows for the high degree of automation made possible by the Internet so offers a lot of time, location and financial freedom.
  4. It’s a very adaptable skill, which can be used to generate online sales in numerous niches. It can also be sold as a consultancy skill, an education product and is an invaluable CV addition.

The Internet however is a fast changing place. For that reason you wont find these skills taught at college or University: By the time a traditional 2 or 3 year curriculum could be designed it would be hopelessly out of date. So if you want to find the best skills to invest in you need to get them at source.

Where Do You Find The Best Skills To Invest In?

best skills to invest in

Stuart Ross of SFM and DEA speaking at a recent event in Las Vegas

By which I mean from entrepreneurs who have already acquired them. Luckily some of those guys have realized that there is a huge market in teaching these skills. Top of the tree for me is SFM (Six Figure Mentors) and Digital Experts Academy.

They provide bleeding edge training, mentorship and support for new internet entrepreneurs. They’ve have also built a remarkable digital business system that can be used to create multiple online income streams. So you’re not only getting the best skills to invest in but – done for you – cut and paste systems developed by some of the best technical experts in the game.

If that wasn’t enough you can also become an affiliate partner with SFM and DEA in what is a high ticket, high-income potential industry. In other words you can earn as you learn your new skills. To find out more about this click the image below to receive a complimentary set of 7 highly informative videos.


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