The Internet Is Killing Religion – Hallelujah!

How the Internet Is Killing Religion And Replacing It With Something Better

the internet is killing religion

Some say the Internet is killing religion or as Professor Richard Dawkins would say – curing religion. I hope that’s true and here’s why. If you think of religion as a movement to provide us with a design for life – a set of moral values to make us feel fulfilled, happy and united, I’m going to suggest a better movement.

If you can prove something to me beyond reasonable doubt I’ll go with it. If it doesn’t make sense to me, no amount of fancy or clever packaging will sell it to me. I believe that’s just common sense. That’s why, amongst many other things, I’m an atheist. Over the years the Internet has reinforced my atheism by exposing me to hard facts, knowledge, learned people and powerful debate.

That’s also why I’m a full time Internet entrepreneur. It just makes sense: If you can earn a good living in a way that also happens to offer a ton of time, location and financial freedom, why wouldn’t you?

The fact that you absolutely can is simply a result of advances in technology. Religion requires an absolute leap of faith – since no solid proof exists. Technology and what it makes possible on the other hand can be proven – absolutely. This is one reason why the Internet is killing religion.

The Proof Is In The Pudding

the internet is killing religionIt always seemed weird to me that so many people need proof of one and not the other. For a long time people were ultra sceptical about starting an Internet business. They just couldn’t accept that people were making millions by working from anywhere for just a couple of hours a day. At the same time those same people are prepared to believe in tales of supernatural beings. Tales passed down orally for decades before anyone wrote them down.


We all know how much stories change and become exaggerated in the telling. Each new telling ads or subtracts something – every teller has their own spin. The fact is that science may never be able to explain “the big one” – how did it all start? – in a way that most of us could understand. Who cares? What difference would that knowledge actually make to most of us? At least science will admit that, while continuing to search for evidence and proof.

The one thing we actually have is the NOW. And NOW technology is offering us incredible things – miracles if you like. These miracles however can be proven, demonstrated and replicated time and time again. Keep your crying statues, flying horses, ghosts, devils and angels – give me systems! The Internet IS killing religion and that’s a positive.

A Far Better Design For Life

Admittedly the marketing that surrounded “the internet lifestyle” in its early days was its own worst enemy. Scams abounded and the gullible were misled – as they are in all walks of life. To an atheist, the claims of religion seem 100 times more unbelievable than anything an Internet millionaire has ever claimed.

In fact, unlike a religious apologist who can say anything they want to, an Internet marketer can’t. There are now very strict compliance guidelines in place.

As with everything time and evidence changes our attitudes (which is how the Internet is killing religion). Most sensible people now accept that the Internet has become an essential part of our lives – our personal, work and business lives. We accept that it connects us to the world in ways that would have seemed impossible not long ago.

Our ancestors eventually accepted the wheel, then the steam train, the car, the telephone, the television, and all aspects of technical progress. All of those met resistance – until they proved themselves. Our current revolution – the digital revolution – is moving faster than the agricultural or industrial revolutions did.

For that reason many people are being left behind because traditional methods of education are just too slow. In order to really take advantage of what’s now possible we need a different kind of education.

You’ll gather that I’m not naturally a follower of “movements”, religious or otherwise. I have made an exception to my own rule, based on proof. I’ve joined a community of entrepreneurs dedicated to spreading the message of technological evolution.

A Non Religious Movement Based On fact

the internet is killing religion

There’s no religious element to this movement though. No leap of faith required. It’s based on results and I’ve seen them. This is a combined education, personal development and business partnership platform like no other. This is something really worth believing in. Something that gives you leverage in the modern world.

Like most people who get started online I’ll honestly tell you that I had no motivation to help anyone but myself. I just wanted an easier, more abundant life for me and mine. I wanted to learn how to sell things on the Internet properly and profitably. It so happens that along the way I came across this platform and discovered that I could do that in a way that also helps others to do the same.

As a former sales person this rings all my bells. I could only ever sell products and services that I genuinely believed in. That’s what I do now only I do it from wherever I want, to a global audience that is looking for those products: that learning, those opportunities.

I don’t need to wear a suit and tie and drive around in my company car knocking doors. I don’t need to spend days in a stuffy office phoning prospects and existing customers. I don’t need to spend 8 or 10 hours a day 5 days a week doing it. I don’t need to apply for time off, or work around holiday entitlements. In short I’m living a semi-retired lifestyle at 52 earning more than I did as a full time business development exec.

How Quickly Is The Internet Killing Religion?

the internet is killing religionI want more people to have this lifestyle because it genuinely creates happiness and abundance. That’s’ what the world needs more of and that’s’ not something any religion can measurably offer. In fact I’d argue that religion – even the mild, non-aggressive ones that don’t currently want to kill us all – actually repress progress. For that reason I’m glad that the Internet is killing religion – in favour of something more relevant.

Some surveys suggest that the Internet is killing religion so fast that it will be gone by 2041. But listen, I don’t care if you are a believer – as long as you don’t try and force those beliefs on me. I only mention my own atheism to demonstrate my own scepticism and need for proof before I invest money or time in anything.

If you are looking for a solid, ethical way to change your life and others in the ways I’ve described above – by taking advantage of today’s real possibilities – then take a look.

Click on the link below for a free series of videos that will introduce you to the “movement” I’ve talked about here and do what I always recommend: Make up your own mind based on the facts they contain.


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