The Laptop Lifestyle Takeover

Is The Laptop Lifestyle Becoming Mainstream?

the laptop lifestyleThe laptop lifestyle: Working from wherever you want, whenever you want, armed only with a laptop, is going mainstream fast. Many traditional businesses now see remote working as an obvious, more efficient practice. That’s not exactly the same laptop lifestyle enjoyed by the Internet entrepreneur but it does tick a few of the same freedom boxes.

It’s just a sign of the times. Times where a system of education designed for an economy based on the Industrial revolution now faces extinction.

For a number of years, early adopters have been living and selling the laptop lifestyle dream. Some with false promises and fluff, others with education programmes on internet marketing, affiliate marketing and e-commerce. It used to be a lifestyle for the enlightened few. It took a lot to  convince the rest of us that a fabulous livelihood could be made without commuting or having a boss. Without owning products and services. Without any of the traditional requirements of business.

The Internet Lifestyle – From Dream To Commonplace

the laptop lifestyleNow though it’s becoming pretty commonplace. It’s a viable lifestyle option that many, with help from the genuine educators, are choosing. Go to your bank manager with a business plan based around an internet based business and you won’t be politely turned away. They of all people have seen how much automation, technology – the Internet – has changed and is changing everything.

Most of us see the internet as a means to an end, a convenience. More and more of us though are seeing the bigger possibilities – the laptop lifestyle possibilities. The fact is that most of us will have to understand how to access those possibilities as they become the norm rather than the exception.

It’s widely accepted that around half of the jobs there are now will disappear over the next 10- 20 years. Automation, artificial intelligence, disruptive business models will replace those jobs. Its already begun.

This is scary stuff for sure but also very exciting. While this is a technological revolution, there is no need to be sacred of the technology. That’s only the toolkit and the tools are as easy to use (with the right education) as a screwdriver or a spanner. Who can’t use a smartphone, an ipad or a laptop these days?

Making It Real – The Laptop Lifestyle Toolkit

the laptop lifestyleThe real exciting part about this revolution is that the laptop lifestyle it makes possible can be whatever you want it to be. The skills, strategies and tools are fit for multiple purposes. You can use them to sell anything, to create things, to turn your passion into income, to educate, inspire and produce abundance. It’s endlessly inspiring.

The laptop lifestyle part of all this really refers to the fact that you can do all of the above from anywhere. That’s been the biggie for me over the last few years. As someone who promotes digital education for a living I’ve seen my customers become much more aware of the possibilities on offer. They don’t need to be told what can be done – they want to know how.

If you want to be a viable, valuable part of the digital revolution – of which the laptop lifestyle is the norm then get the skills now. Not at College or University but from the Uber of education – the Airbnb of modern business. Those dedicated to making this changing world as amazing as it can be for as many as possible. The link below will introduce you to the cream of the crop.

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