What is your plan B ? The digital economy beckons

What is your plan B

So What is your plan B? The news continues to be filled with doom and gloom about the traditional economy doesn’t it? We hear about hard working people who are living in poverty despite having what seems like a reasonable income to some. They are visiting food banks just to feed the kids and some are missing meals never mind worries about how the hell to pay for Christmas or saving for a rainy day.

The question of retirement is far from these people’s minds I imagine but another worrying statistic suggests that many, many people will not have enough put by for that eventuality anyway. They are living pay check to pay check and there is nothing in the reserve pot –  A desperate state of affairs.

The digital economy for a rainy day

Not so long ago people were able to put something by for the “rainy day” a fund that would typically support them for 12-18 months if the worst happened – job loss or injury for example. Now surveys suggest that a huge percentage of people would only be able to support themselves or maintain their current lifestyle for about 2 weeks!

So maybe it’s time to ask yourself what you are going to do if the bubble bursts. What is your plan B? If you have something put by – how long will it last? Will it be long enough? If the job goes will you be able to get another one before the emergency funds run dry? If not it’s time to start your plan B now.

Despite the doom and gloom the fact is that the Digital economy really is booming even as the traditional one keeps sliding down the hill. The two are related as we are living in an increasingly digital world and we just don’t need as many traditional jobs and workplaces as we did. We want stuff now, we want it cheaper and we want to get it from our homes, our phones – the digital economy.

The digital economy is booming

So with that trend set to continue the smart people are realising that they need to get with the program. They need to arm themselves with the knowledge and skills to compete and thrive in this new economy. Lots of people are doing it whether from necessity or just because they see the potential for a better, more secure lifestyle. But without the right training its not that easy to transition…

Unless that is you can find the right teachers and you won’t find them at college or University unfortunately. You will find them within the digital economy itself and they’ve been there for some time. I’ll introduce you shortly.

Just a glimpse of what working in the digital economy can mean. Fist off it’s a 24/7 365 days a year industry – It never sleeps – somewhere in the world every second of every day someone is looking for something. If you can learn how to provide that something and can learn to leverage digital technology to do so, you can do it from anywhere you can get online and at the times that you choose. Just picture that for a moment…….

Look good? Okay if you see the sense of this and want to learn more click on the link below. It will take you to a sign up page and once you input an email address you will receive a series of FREE videos about the Six Figure Mentors and The Digital experts Academy. They will outline the digital economy and what you need to know to get involved. It’s a done for you blueprint.

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