Why Internet Marketing Skills?

internet marketing skills

Making A Meal Of Internet Marketing Skills

internet marketing skillsThe power of Internet marketing skills to build previously impossible levels of personal freedom was brought home to me yet again on Friday night. It started with a simple whatsapp message from a friend at the other end of the country. He asked “What’s for dinner?”

This is actually something we do quite often since meeting at a digital marketing event some years ago. We are both enthusiastic (though not overly passionate) home cooks. As both our partners work traditional jobs whilst we both work from home, we often put the food on table for them. On Fridays the cooking is often something a little adventurous and is always accompanied by a drink or two.

This particular evening we were both doing Thai style curries – mine veggie, his not. As usual proceedings began with an exchange of whatsapp pics featuring whatever tipple we were enjoying. These were followed by pics of the meal in progress.

I sent him one of my homemade naan bread in the frying pan. My friend texted back that he could do with some of those – could I send him the recipe link? I couldn’t be bothered fiddling with smartphone web browsers so just quickly texted him the simple recipe. Minutes later he sent me a pic of his recently created naan as per the recipe.

How Internet Marketing Skills Open Doors 

internet marketing skills

What has this got to with affiliate marketing or internet marketing skills? Well it’s not a million miles from social entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk’s internet wine TV show of a few years back. Should my friend and I want to we could easily create a digital product out of this little fun on a Friday exchange.

We could for example create a website, social media pages and a Youtube channel around “What’s for dinner”. Then we could find a host of related affiliate products to promote on them for commission. We could create videos around us cooking at the same time but from different locations and build a brand around it. It’s very social, a little quirky and could offer lots of value by sharing recipes, tips and reviews on various products.

This is very much the sharing age of the digital economy. Increasingly people are looking for leadership, products and information from other people. People they can identify with rather than faceless corporates. Using social media to promote existing businesses is commonplace now.  We can take it a whole lot further with internet marketing skills and business models like affiliate marketing. As Gary Vaynerchuk says it’s all about telling stories.

We only have to look at new companies like Uber – the world’s largest private transport network. They own no taxis but provide income for lots of people who own a car and have some spare time. They also operate an affiliate programme whereby if you use them and refer others you can get free rides. Air BnB is a similar set up. It’s all change and it’s all very positive.

How Do you Get The Skills? 

There are new skillsets required to turn an interest or a passion such as cooking into a run from anywhere, virtual business. Once you have internet marketing skills, the world really is your oyster in ways that were simply not around until quite recently. Internet marketing skills are divided into hard skills: Building websites, landing pages and setting up automated systems, and soft skills: Research, copywriting, psychology and mindset. With a bit of commitment and the right teachers though these can be learned by pretty much anyone.

There are lots of places you can learn internet marketing skills piecemeal.  There is only one place I know of if you want them up to date, profit oriented and all in one place.

Introducing The SFM Community

The Six Figure Mentors (SFM) is an educational and business platform built by two extremely successful Internet entrepreneurs Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek. Built to assist individuals and businesses to create profitable online businesses as simply and quickly possible, it offers all the essential ingredients I mentioned above. It’s also designed as a global, community style platform. This means that members help and collaborate with each other as part of an ongoing process.

As well as ongoing and live and recorded webinars and masterminds there are regular live events and workshops. Many members and affiliates also create their own forums, groups and local get togethers. It’s very much like a big family – the perfect marriage between education and personal development.

SFM also offers affiliate partnerships. These are perfect for those looking for internet marketing skills and an online business opportunity. This allows them to earn high affiliate commissions as they learn.

If you’d like to learn more – click on the banner below (or any of the images in this post) to subscribe for their free introductory video series.

internet marketing skills

By Dave Menzies