List Building For Profit – The Money Is In The List

List Building For Profit – The Money Is In The List

The money is in the list and list building for profit are online marketing phrases – considering the relatively short length of time we’ve had the internet they could actually claim to be ancient internet wisdom.  But why so true is it? as Yoda would say ?

list building for profit

Whilst its true that many digital marketers don’t build lists and still do pretty well, they are leaving a hell of a lot of money on the table by not cultivating a list of subscribers who know, like and trust them.  Maybe the little bit of extra work involved in list building puts them off – but that’s crazy because it really is just a little bit of front end work which can yield sustainable results for years to come.

With affiliate marketing – where you promote existing businesses products for commission – you definitely can just play the numbers game. Blast out your links and adverts and keep testing for the best results. But looking at the bigger picture – what happens to the people who respond to your ad and see your landing page offer but don’t buy? Without the list building for profit approach they are just gone… to someone else – usually the company whose products you are promoting.

If You Don’t Do List Building You are Missing A Trick

On the other hand if you do build a simple way of keeping that person’s email address – usually by offering a free gift – you can keep in touch. You can build a relationship and become a person whose emails they open and whose recommendations they can trust in future. Here is a great example from a man who knows what he’s talking about when it comes to list building for profit. In fact he wrote the book – which you can get a copy of later.

Stuart Ross – co founder of SFM didn’t bother with list building when he started getting the sort of results with affiliate marketing that put an Aston Martin on the drive of his big old house in Surrey. When on the advice of his mentor, he started list building for profit he quickly saw the light. In one of his training videos he shares a great list story.

List Building For Sustainability

Stu had been building a list for some time but hadn’t done a lot with it even by the time he had a good few thousand subscribers. Whilst enjoying a well earned break in the Maldives he received an email about an affiliate offer that looked worth promoting so he put together an email and sent it via his auto responder to this list. In total this took him about 45 minutes – to get the copy just so. He then thought no more about it and just got on with his holiday.

Holiday over Stuart whilst waiting in the departure lounge for the flight back home, logged in to check his mail. He had an email from the affiliate company he had promoted to his list (which he had almost forgotten doing as he hadn’t really expected much) saying that he had made $18K in commissions. In 3 days. By sending an email. If that doesn’t demonstrate the power of list building for profit it’s difficult to know what will.

Luckily part of the curriculum with Stuart’s digital marketing training programme includes his list building for profit ebook and you can have this book with my compliments by clicking the banner below. Then of course you will be on my list and maybe we will get to know each other– see what I did there?

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