Attraction Marketing – Dog Vs Cat

attraction marketing strategiesI was watching a cat on the prowl as I walked to the bank this morning. For some reason It made me think about attraction marketing and how it’s more of a dog like approach than a cat like approach which, it seemed to me to be a great comparison – here’s why.

Whilst cats and dogs are both adept at training humans they have very different ways of doing it. Digital marketing and traditional marketing are quite similar in their approach in many ways. When you see a cat prowling around in what looks a bit like an aimless sort of way, they are actually sniffing around for the next big opportunity – the next kill. They use all their cat-like wiles and skills to sneak up on their prey.

When it comes to their human manipulation techniques, cats are pretty hard sell oriented. If they are hungry they’ll let you know for example. They’ll try the old leg rubbing first but not for long. The next step is to stare at you while moving ever closer to the food bowl till you get the message – open the tin stupid ! A bit like old fashioned, in your face digital marketing strategies. Click the link stupid!

Attraction Marketing – The Dog’s Approach

Dogs on the other hand go for the attraction marketing strategy instead. They do everything in their power to get you to know, like and trust them. Tail wagging, tricks and unconditional love – they give you everything to get you to love them. This often has the desired effect of getting a scrap thrown or the lead brought out for “walkies”. A bit like getting the prospect to respond to a Call to action with a free download.

Cats refuse to be trained (unless they can see an advantage) If the initial tactics aren’t working they don’t see a problem with jumping on the dinner table and grabbing something from your plate – A bit like the old foot in the door sales approach. Dogs will sit and stare at you, tail wagging till you give in – suckered in by the cuteness (or the drooling!) But they can be trained out of the habit and to resort back to more er, attractive, attraction marketing strategies.

Cats – Attraction Marketing Is For Dogs!

So for the cat it’s all about quick results and fast gratification whereas the dog favours the longer-term approach, which is again the same approach used in attraction marketing.  Look at the way Go Compare are evolving their TV marketing as a great example of this. They’ve gone from the annoying opera bloke to – OK, we’re sorry about him, to easing him out of the mix and going for a moiré cuddly approach all together.

As pets and very skilled marketers when it comes to getting their humans to do what they want, I love both cats and dogs. When it comes to digital marketing though I’m definitely a dog person. I’d much rather be gently persuaded to consider going for a walk in the park than bullied into opening a tin – or worse – changing the cat litter. With the first approach we’ll both get some exercise and have some fun so I know the benefits, with second, what do I get?

For more information about attraction marketing strategies you might like to have a look at some free videos from the Six Figure Mentors below. You’ll get some valuable free gifts just for doing so and I promise not to jump on your table! Let’s go for a walk.


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