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automated marketing systems

What are automated marketing systems and why do we need them? First of all the word system can be confusing in the Internet business world. The get rich quick and shiny button punters are often lured by phrases like “easy money system”, or “fast cash system”. To those who are still baffled by the Internet these conjure up images of some loophole or electronic wizardry that will see money falling from the sky like leaves from the autumn trees.

Sadly this isn’t true. Automated marketing systems are simply tools that make the Internet marketing process easier. In reality their place is after the real work has been done: The research, the targeting, the copywriting and the creative content. All of that is crafted in to advertising which feeds into the funnel of automated marketing systems.

Lead Capture Pages.

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Usually the first step in automated marketing systems these are where you usually get directed to when you click on an advert, banner or link in an email. They will give you more information and will usually ask for an email address to proceed if they have done their job properly.


Generally these are one of the next two automated marketing systems you will enter when you submit that email address. An autoresponder is a list building system that also enables further messages to be scheduled and sent to everyone on that list. For example the lead capture page might offer a series of videos.These will be automatically sent out on preset dates.


Websites or blogs themselves are basically a form of automated marketing systems. They never sleep and contain links to sales pages, autoresponders or other content. Traffic needs to be sent to them but they do the work from then on in.

The only thing these automated marketing systems have in common with the aforementioned “easy money systems” is that the marketers promoting those fantasies use them too.

There is a side of the internet marketing world that still relies heavily on automated marketing systems. They play the number’s game by simply driving a ton of traffic into those systems and fine-tuning them to maximise the end results. Churn and burn you might say.

People are a lot more savvy these days though so whilst internet marketing will always feature automated marketing systems, they now tend to be mixed with lots more personal contact.

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By Dave Menzies

automated marketing systems

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Automated Marketing Systems That Work