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best internet marketing training

Interactive Online mentoring with SFM

The best internet marketing training has to cover a lot of ground. It also has to take a lot of the inevitable overwhelm out of the process. In an ideal world the best internet marketing training should also include the possibility to earn as you learn. Given the sheer volume of information out there on the subject this might seem like a tall order but two organisations stand head and shoulders above the rest in my experience.

Before I introduce you to them lets take a look at what’s involved. Internet marketing is a big subject. It’s both an art and a science. You might be surprised to learn that the technical side of it is actually the easy bit. There are lots of resources available that show you how to build websites, create content, build sales funnels, advertising campaigns and engaging social media assets. This stuff has all become very user friendly even for the complete beginner.

But as I mentioned this is the east part in many ways. The best internet marketing training goes deeper than the nuts and bolts. It focuses on the psychology of marketing which after all is what separates the winners from the losers. Anyone with basic computer skills can find some products to sell, knock up a website, build a sales funnel and start placing ads very quickly. And start losing money just as quickly.

Finding The Best Internet Marketing Training

There’s an old sales adage that translates completely to the world of internet marketing: “If you try to sell to everyone, you sell to no-one”. Newcomers to the industry frequently make that mistake. They assume that since the Internet offers an almost limitless marketplace, it should be easy to sell a ton of product with a blanket approach. The best internet marketing training will nip that idea in the bud from the get go. It’s all about laser targeting: putting the right products in front of the right people.

How often have you been annoyed by completely irrelevant ads on your Facebook feed or while watching Youtube videos? That’s the blanket approach and it’s crazy. Both of these platforms and most others that feature advertising (all of them) allow marketers to target their audience with pinpoint accuracy. Why then, would you for example be advertising your fabulous dog grooming products to cat owners or your self-development courses to people watching music videos? Actually there could be good reasons for the latter but that’s a different conversation.

Professional and successful internet marketing involves researching and understanding audiences and products and bringing them together. You can sell almost anything on the internet but each niche is very different and needs a bespoke approach. The best internet marketing training courses focus on teaching how that is done properly and profitably.

Where The Rubber Meets The Road

best internet marketing training

Live Events: Momentum Day London

The trainers you choose to invest with should be able to demonstrate success across multiple niches. You simply won’t find people like this teaching at traditional colleges or Universities. You need to be in the trenches – where the rubber meets the road – to stand a chance of keeping up with what is a fast moving space. That brings to me to the organisations I believe offer the best internet marketing training platform out there – Six Figure Mentors (SFM) and Digital Experts Academy (DEA)

These organisations, founded by mega successful internet entrepreneurs Stuart Ross (SFM) and Jay Kubassek (DEA) joined forces in 2011. Their aim was to create a membership platform dedicated to providing everything a would be internet entrepreneur could ever need. A platform that incorporated the technical nuts and bolts stuff with advanced training, mentorship and lucrative partnership opportunities.

Since then they have grown their leadership, technical and support teams and built a worldwide community across some 109 countries. They’ve formed strategic partnerships with Digital Marketer, Grove and SFM and DEA host live workshops and events in the UK, USA and Australia and deliver daily, weekly and monthly webinars and workshops. They have developed leadership from within the membership and have helped thousands to transition to the digital economy.

Learn more about SFM and DEA’s internet marketing training courses and business opportunities by subscribing for their introductory video series on the link below.


best internet marketing training